Summary of The Report on the Class of 2011

A look at the Report on the Class of 2011 shows that Holy Cross students follow many different post-grad paths. The Report provides a basic overview of the professional lives of young alumni in various industries, graduate school and volunteer opportunities. For underclassmen, seeing the range of  opportunities available after college can help inspire one’s own professional discernment. For seniors, it’s just nice to know that the majority of young alumni turn out alright. =)

Hopefully for everyone, the Report makes it clear that the Holy Cross liberal arts education is pertinent to pretty much anything and everything!

Interested what your former classmates are up to? Some highlights…

1. Employment by Industry: 2011 Crusaders are working in a variety of industries. Financial Services is the most popular industry, representing nearly 20% of the class; Health Care and Education represent sizable portions as well.  What does this mean for you? There are young alumni in almost every field who you could use as resources for networking and gathering more information about potential careers.

>> Looking for a job? Check Crusader Connections often to see what new opportunities may be available. And don’t forget about the Career Advisory Network and the Holy Cross Alumni Community to connect with alumni to learn more about their positions and how you can succeed in them as well. <<

2. Starting Salary Profile: Worried about paying back student loans, affording rent and paying for groceries? The average salary for the class of 2011 was $46,652, up from $44,140 the previous year, representing a 5.4% increase.  Likely it is a sign of a recovering economy, which is good for you! Additionally, Holy Cross has a lead on the national averages.

3. Graduate School: Looking to advance your education? 15.2% of the class of 2011 enrolled in graduate school full time, down from 26% in 2010. (This is likely due to the growth in the economy, allowing more people to enter the workforce.) The most popular programs of study are Law School and Professional Masters.

>> Interested in graduate school? Visit the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies or speak with a graduate studies adviser in your department (each department has one!). Career Planning can still assist you in preparing a cover letter and resume or helping you with interview preparation.<<

4. Volunteer Programs: Holy Cross students try to live out the mission of “Men and Women for Others” even after college. In 2011, 7.4% of the class participated in full-time volunteer programs, the most popular of which was the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

>>Looking to volunteer? The Chaplain’s Office and some of the Career Planning’s online resources like<<

5. Post-Graduate Fellowships & Awards: 3.4% of the class of 2011 were awarded post-graduate fellowships.

>> Interested in applying for a fellowship or grant? Visit the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies. Career Planning can still assist you in preparing a cover letter and resume or helping you with interview preparation.<<

. . . . . . . . . .

Bottom line? Holy Cross students are talented, and no matter which post-grad path(s) you decide to take, there are resources at the College to prepare you to be your most successful.