Where to begin?…Tips for getting your “Career On”



By now most of us have already got into the busy regimen that Holy Cross students live for; balancing our work from class, managing groups and orgs as well as participating in athletics while also trying to maintain a social life…TOUGH STUFF! However we’re here at the Career Planning Center to help you with one of the most IMPORTANT task during your time here at Holy Cross and that’s figuring out what that NEXT journey is once school is over. . . . . .

Don’t Panic! Don’t Worry! There’s a lot to do but there’s a few ways the Career Planning Center can help!

THE FIRST!: You must know whats in HOGAN 203! 

So many of us may walk right past it everyday on the way in & out of Hogan  but the home of Career Planning sits comfortably in H O G A N 203!

Here lies the home of the Career Counselors! (These are the people you want to get to know)

  • Amy Murphy
  • Maura Hume’07
  • Pam Ahearn
  • Megan Chester
  • Melisa Jaquez’06
  • Julie Draczynski
  • Angela Barnes

These are the wonderful people who are trained to help Holy Cross students identify their career interest and objectives as we navigate securing jobs/internships over our years on the hill…and after!

To set up an appointment with one of the Career Counselors, stop by Hogan 203 or give us a call at 508-793-3880. There are also Drop-in hours everyday from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Now here’s a Career Horoscope by class year so you are aware of some things you might want to pay attention to…


This is your FIRST semester at HC! Congrats and Welcome!! As a newly arrived student, you truly have a                                      “fresh” start at finding what your interests are and learning a great deal about yourself. Though you are just                                       arriving and my not be as concerned with getting a head start on what your’e going to do 3 to 4 years from                                       now, there are a few ways to set yourself up for a superb first year!

  1. GET Involved: Join at least 2 clubs or organizations. Get interested in what they’re promoting to the campus and become an advocate. Why do you support them and where does this interest come from/where can it lead you? This is also a triple bonus because not only do you learn about yourself, you meet awesome people and its looks great to show you’ve been devoted to something outside of academics when its time to work on you resume!

You have some experience under your belt and you are ready to hone in your skills and piece together your achievements.

Now is the time to…

  1. Work on your Resume: Now is the time to either create or refine your resume as you begin building your professional profile. Remember to schedule time to come in and meet the Career Counselors for help with perfecting your resume!
  2. APPLY to SIP: As a sophomore you can now apply to HC’s Summer Internship Program and benefit from its resources. This is a great chance to work on your resume, cover letter and interview skills.



Juniors the time has come for you to start the search for your future career! Get your feet wet with internships!!!

  1. If you haven’t already done so, APPLY TO SIP: The summer internship program gives qualified students a helpful “foot in the doors” to the amazing internships that Holy Cross and its alumni may offer.
  2. Early Bird gets the JOB!: Start browsing different company websites for internship opportunities. Many companies set their deadlines in the fall, so have your updated resumes and cover letters ready!

Senior year may be daunting, might seem a little overwhelming.. but don’t fret! Senior Year is the inevitable prelude to the notorious “real world” that you’ve been hearing about for years. Best way to set yourself up for success is through networking and speaking with people who can grant you opportunities.

  1. Stay in Touch: If you had a summer internship or job during the summer, stay in touch with the managers, supervisors, employers you’ve met! Maintaining a dialogue keeps you fresh in their minds and helps for recommendations later down the road.
  2. Use ALL Resources: There will be a ton of opportunities either on campus or off for you to network or learn more about the job force…USE THEM! The Career Planning Center puts on a bunch of events for students to get the right information you need to do what ever it is you want after college. Be sure to  use BOTH Crusader Connections and Career Advisors Network to reach out to alums in career fields you’re interested in. Also, keep an eye out for the invitation from the Alumni office to join the Alumni Online Community where you can search for additional contacts.
  3. Always remember to Sell Yourself!: Use events like the Holy Cross Career Fair or Career Info Sessions to meet new contacts and demonstrate your professionalism. Having a stand out personality will land you so many opportunities to connect with employers.


Have questions or want help with these quick tips? Come to Career Planning in Hogan 203 for Drop-In hours (1-4pm everyday) or set up an appointment to meet with one of our amazing Career Counselors!