Battle the Cold! Stay Ahead of the Winter Fold!

Well Hello Crusaders!

Nothing says Welcome to Spring Semester at Holy Cross quite like sub-zero temperatures and snow! While you’re probably wanting to stay under that purple HC Snuggie and sip a nice hot tea to overcome the Antarctic climate that seems to have invaded the hill, lets make the most of this indoor time to push yourself ahead of the pack in your career search. How?. Well here at Career Planning we have some helpful ways to get started.

First up: The Good News → The Average starting salary for graduates has increased 2.6 percent! WOOOO!

 Just Some Motivation Keep on Pushing!!! 

According to a recent report from NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), the final overall average starting salary for Class of 2013 bachelor’s degree graduates increased 2.6 percent to $45,633 from the final overall average of $44,482 for the Class of 2012. The current overall average starting salary is boosted by the 2.9 percent increase to humanities and social sciences majors’ and a 2.3 percent bump to the average salary of business majors. 

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…Now what should you do?

  • Come to Career Planning!! #Hogan203

    • Career Planning manages our connections to employers & maintains Crusader Connections, so this is the place to go for internship/job hunting
    • Drop-in Hours are Monday thru Friday 1-4PM
      • Drop-ins are appointments for quick career questions or edits to a resume or cover letter
    • Stop by Hogan 203 or call (508) 793-3880 to make a brief appointment with a career counselor
      • Whether you want to create a resume/cover letter or simply discuss career options, these meetings provide the time you need be as successful as you can in your Career endeavors!
  • Make Connections & Network!
    • Make yourself aware of company info tables and career nights & practice the ins and outs of forging connections
    • Meet alums at the 2014 Practice with the Pros (2/12, Hogan 320, 5-7pm) RSVP via Crusader Connections
    • Reach out to alumni & learn about their career paths using the Career Advisor’s Network
  • Go DIGITAL (you can stay in your Snuggie for this one…)
    • As the “Facebook for the business world” LinkedIn is a social media outlet where you want to establish an online presence
    • Make or update your LinkedIn Profile (Education, Activities, Job/Internships, Honors/Awards, etc.)
    • Connect with friends, family, past co-workers, neighbors, etc.—Even if you think you can’t relate to Uncle Ron’s career as a dog hair groomer, still request him on LinkedIn…Uncle Ron might be grooming the dog for the CEO of your dream company!
    • Remember: Many employers search for you on other social media platforms, so adjust privacy settings & be cautious about posting or tagging yourself to things you wouldn’t want employers to see  (i.e: Your friend’s raging 1st Weekend Back Party)

    Pick something from the above list & get proactive with your career!

  • Remember, consistently revisiting career oriented blogs and websites is always a good way to kill time when you’re just lounging in bed. If you haven’t already, re-visit the blog post from November on popular Career Search Apps! 

…Now you can hop back in your bed & relax a little… 

…Netflix is always a good remedy for bad weather…