Alumni Spotlight: Abaigeal Healy

Name: Abaigeal Healy

Graduation Year: 2011ah2

Major: Psychology

Minor: Studio Art

Industry: Investor Relations, Business

Favorite Class: Psychology of Complex Thinking

Campus Involvement:

Pre-Business, Member

Women in Business, Member

Co-Chair of the Communications, Advertising and Marketing Club (“The Agency”)

Study Abroad, National University of Ireland, Galway

Career Experience:

FTI Consulting, Inc. –Manager, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

FTI Consulting, Inc.-Senior Associate, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

FTI Consulting, Inc.-Coordinator, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

EMC Corporation-Associate, Marketing Development Program

College Work/Internship:

Holy Cross Summer Internship Program: The Geppetto Group, Account Management Intern, New York City

Holy Cross Summer Internship Program: VIACOM, MTV International Media Networks, Social Responsibility Intern and Blogger, New York City

Holy Cross Crusader: Feature Writer

Holy Cross Work Study: Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery

Holy Cross Work Study: Music Department Marketing and Design

What were some of the most defining events/opportunities/aspects of your time at Holy Cross?

Besides meeting some of my very best friends on Mulledy four, one of the most defining aspects of my time at Holy Cross was solidifying my major in psychology with a minor in studio art. This was a unique combination that provided me an opportunity to explore the full extent of my liberal arts education. One day I would be discussing the evolution of behavior in Beaven Hall and the next day I would be in the dark room developing film in the studio. This combination allowed me to experience many different types of learning as well as provide me with an opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people and personalities. Two of my proudest moments at the college came near graduation where I was inducted into the Psi Chi National Honor Society while simultaneously showcasing my senior art portfolio in the Millard Art Center.

What is one thing someone should be certain to do before they graduate?

If you have the opportunity, go abroad. And do not be afraid to go for a whole year! I spent a year in Galway, Ireland and the amount of traveling I was able to do over the course of the year was life changing. Because of my abroad experience, I developed an openness and awareness of diversity across a range of cultures and business markets. Now working in a global company, I cannot imagine not having the experiences that I did living internationally. It also opens you up to a whole new group of friends. Some of my closest friends today are those who I studied abroad with.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

Say yes to every new opportunity that comes your way. I came across my career in investor relations by helping to put together an analyst day at EMC. I knew very little about the Company’s analyst and investor base but became very intrigued by the profession through the process. I eventually made a switch from marketing to investor relations.

What skills have you found most useful in your professional life that you attribute from learning at Holy Cross?

My professors and mentors at Holy Cross would always encourage me to reach out to the alumni community for career advice and internship opportunities. Although it was sometimes intimidating then, I was pleasantly surprised by the responses I would receive. Today, I am continuously expanding my network as a business professional and always seek out Holy Cross alumni at business events and company socials. It is always fun to connect with fellow Crusaders!

I also attribute a lot of my success in career to the multi-tasking skills I learned at Holy Cross. Between classes, extracurricular activities, community service, friends and campus life, it was always a balancing act to get everything done. In my current role, juggling many things at once is one of my strengths and necessary to drive value in the organization I’m a part of.

What is the most important advice you could give a student on obtaining an internship or a job?

Be persistent, yet polite. Unless you are very lucky, no one will hand you an internship or job. You must have the confidence to be in control of your own opportunities. Every position I have landed in my career has been a result of what I call ‘professional persistency’. Always, always follow up!