Summer Internship Expo Recap

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On Friday, September 11th 70 students participated in the Summer Internship Expo in the Hogan Ballroom. Over 55 internship sites were represented across multiple industries including Education, Entertainment, Finance, Fashion, Law, Media, Medicine, Non-Profit, Publishing, …and many more! Students created a poster to showcase their summer experience. It was an opportunity for students to articulate the skills and knowledge gained from their summer internship and to think about how they plan to leverage those skills in the future.  Internships are an important part of your undergraduate education at Holy Cross. They allow you to take your knowledge out of the classroom and apply your skills to a practical setting. Internships continue to be one of the most important factors that employers and graduate programs consider when selecting candidates.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the internships our students completed this summer, click here to access the list of Summer Internship Expo attendees. I’d encourage you to reach out to any of these students to learn more!

(Written by Julie Draczynski)