Summer Internship Profiles: Vincent Martello’16

Full Name: Vincent Martellovinny2

Internship Company: Winthrop University Hospital

Internship Position: Clinical Observer/Research Intern

Internship Location: Mineola, NY; New York, NY

While looking for your internship, what services did you use at the Center for Career Development?  

The Center for Career Development was extremely helpful in the internship search and procurement process each and every step of the way. Other than countless trips in to revise individualized resumes and cover letters, the staff was so helpful in discussing what opportunities were best for my interests, and how I should go about communicating that to the employers. Everyone was also so instrumental in just easing the stress and anxiety that comes with the search process and the suspense one experiences before he or she would hear back from the employer.

Are you involved in any of the clubs and/or programs? If yes, how did they help prepare you for your internship?

I am part of the Pre-Health advising program. Many of the classes I’ve taken and the research experience that come with the prerequisite requirements helped with some of the science and understanding behind working in a hospital alongside physicians. However, the program really stresses the need to be assertive and network with professionals which was a skill that proved to be invaluable this summer.

The photo above was taken while Vincent was

on a medical service trip outside the country.

What skills did you gain from your internship experience and how have they added to your professionalism?

My internship experience allowed me to work on and gain a variety of professional skills. For one, communication was most important especially when dealing with physicians and supervisors on shadowing and research projects. I learned that in a fast paced environment, communication must be clear and concise in order to avoid simple mistakes, especially in dealing with patients who need direct and effective care. Furthermore, my ability to interpret data and think critically was highly tested in working with physicians to convey data in ways that extended beyond numerical representation.

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans / goals?

My internship experience opened me up to new possibilities and opportunities that may prove to be exciting and rewarding career options. While reaffirming my desire to go into medicine and become a physician, I was exposed to new areas of  medicine and medical research that I never considered to be of interest to me. I’ve always conveyed interest in Sports Medicine however, I now find great excitement and interest in exploring careers in Radiology, Radiation Oncology, and even surgery.  

What is one piece of advice that you would give to the future intern?

Be open and willing to experience new things! Say YES! Half my time during my internship was spent shadowing various branches of the medical field ranging from clinical and anatomical pathology to cardiothoracic surgery. I can honestly say without doubt that my summer internship was unbelievably fulfilling because my fellow intern and I said YES to every opportunity we were offered and every new experience we were given. One can never know if a certain opportunity, job, or career choice will be the right one unless he or she tries it first.

Overall, what was your most exciting experience at your internship?

Of the many exciting opportunities I had this summer at my internship, the most exciting was working with the Chief and Medical Directors of the Radiation Oncology Departments at Winthrop. My fellow intern Nick Russo and I spent the large portion of our week working to complete a patient database for the hospital’s CyberKnife treatment program. They were so thankful for our work that the two physicians really made us feel at home in their office. They made every effort to have us observe their work and tell us every detail about their careers. They even went as far as to teach us cancer diagnosis protocols they work with and quized is along the way. They respected us and treated us as if we were regular medical school student getting ready to enter their field.