Alumni Job Shadowing Program: Alexander Rojas’16

Name: Alexander RojasAlex Rojas3 (1)
Class Year: 2016
Major: History

Shadowing Visit Site: Hanover Insurance Group

1. Describe your visit and what did you gain from the experience?

My visit to Hanover served as opportunity to further explore the commercial insurance industry. In particular, my host, Annette Berry, served as an open forum to ask questions and offer insight, but also connected me with other alumni in different areas of insurance in order to obtain a fuller picture. This experience further strengthened my networking skills and solidified my interest in insurance.

2. How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans/goals?

Without a doubt, this experience reinforced my career goals and desire to build a career within commercial insurance. This opportunity allowed me to network with multiple Holy Cross alumni and obtain different perspectives of the insurance industry. Insurance is a necessary asset for all individuals and businesses where relationship building is key. I am drawn to a career where I can develop relationships with agents and brokers in order to deepen the presence of the company I represent in the market.

3. What is some helpful advice your alumni host shared with you?

Throughout the day, my alumni host shared various pieces of advice. However, the most valuable piece of advice she offered was not to discount any opportunity. While we may be fixed on a certain position or industry, it is still fruitful to apply to a diverse set of jobs because an unexpected position could become your favorite job. Furthermore, having an open mind and appetite for learning are valuable qualities for success in any job.

4. Why would you recommend the Alumni Job Shadowing Program to other students?

Yes! Any student with a slight interest in insurance should precipitate in the Alumni Shadowing Program. From my experience, Annette was very open to creating a day of value for me outside of actuary (her field) and connecting me with other alumni in different areas of insurance, which was beneficial.