Summer Internship Profiles: Raha Maalin’17

Full Name: Raha Maalinraha

Internship Company: BBDO

Internship Position: Account Management Intern

Internship Location: New York, NY

While looking for your internship, what services did you use at the Center for Career Development?  

I frequently visited the Career Development Center’s drop-in hours and attended their different programs. I went the ‘Internship Search’ workshop, which taught me more about the center’s different resources, such as the mock interview, which prepared me for my actual interview. Additionally, I attended panel discussions to learn more about prior interns experiences at different companies and scheduled appointments with counselors to see what kinds positions that I would be interested in. My utilization of the office’s resources definitely helped me secure an internship at BBDO.

What skills did you gain from your internship experience and how have they added to your professionalism?

My internship at BBDO taught me about how much work goes into the advertisements we see on the television, computers, and in magazines. I worked on both the Foot Locker Inc. and the American Red Cross accounts, and because these two account are so different I learned to quickly adapt my thinking skills when working on different projects for both accounts. I gave weekly presentations to my supervisors on consumer trends and analyzed social media data to better help our clients appeal to their consumers. My weekly presentations helped me strengthen my presentational and communication skills.

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans / goals?

My experience at BBDO influenced my future career goals by teaching me more about myself. I learned that I really loved being in creative spaces and working with others, which are qualities I look forward to pursue in my future. Additionally, it solidified my goal to further pursue advertising. 

What is one piece of advice that you would give to the future intern?

Research BBDO’s different advertisements, know who their clients are, and understand their history.

Overall, what was your most exciting experience at your internship?
During my internship I was able to go on three advertisement shoots with the client. This was an exciting experience, because I was able to work with the production team to assist in production of the advertisement.