How Your Cool Beans Coffee Order Can Predict Your Future Career

By Emily Bowman ’17

As college students, we can all relate to the importance of a daily coffee-fix. But can our Cool Beans order actually reveal something about our potential future careers as well? Probably not but it’s fun to theorize!

You are always eager to be caught up in something exciting and spontaneous.  At Cool Beans, you’re likely to opt for a milkshake because, why not?!  It’s definitely the most fun item on the menu, and you’re all about fun.  You’ve probably thought about careers in the Entertainment, Fashion or Sports industries, or maybe considered pursuing an art career.

Large Coffee, extra shot of espresso
You are detail-oriented and super hard working, and you’re probably thinking about a career in Consulting, Finance, or Accounting.  Late nights in the lib barely even faze you at this point.  Caffeine has become a part of your bloodstream, so your go-to is a large coffee, often with an extra shot of espresso.

Green Tea
You’re passionate about helping others, so your drink of choice should be no less beneficial.  You’re probably drawn to careers in Education, Non-Profit, or Human Services because you’re eager to make the world a better place.  Nothing is more Zen or positive-energy inducing than Green Tea!  Plus the health benefits are undeniable.

As someone interested in International Relations, you probably studied abroad in Europe.  Consequently, you can often be found ordering cappuccino’s from Cool Beans in an attempt to satisfy your worldly tastes.

You don’t need caffeine to be energized.  Your health-conscious ways sway you towards the smoothie menu at Cool Beans.  Likewise, you’re drawn to careers in the Health Professions or Life Sciences so you can help others achieve healthy lifestyles as well.

Iced Chai Latte
You have a strong creative side, making you perfect for careers in Marketing, Media, Communications, or Advertising.  You’re always thinking outside the box and you love to be different, which extends to your coffee choices.  Iced Chai Lattes fit your unique personality!

Iced Coffee
Technology, Engineering, and the Physical Sciences are your calling because you love to figure things out and deal with problems in a factual, concrete way.  Iced Coffee fits your no-nonsense persona while also satisfying your caffeine need!