No Summer Internship? No Worries. 5 Other Things To Do This Summer

There’s no doubt that internships are an integral part of the job search process.  They give you a chance to explore career options before actually having a career and they help prepare you for the professional world.  Internships are certainly an important part of your resume and many employers will value seeing that you’ve had internship experience.  BUT… that doesn’t mean that internships are the only significant thing you can be doing this summer.  If you don’t have an internship, don’t panic!  There are numerous other exciting and enriching experiences that can help develop you professionally.  Check out this list!

Volunteer Work
As Holy Cross students, we know the value of giving back to the community.  Whether it’s lending a hand at a local church or soup kitchen, or a volunteer camp counselor position, community service is sure to be a rewarding way to spend your summer (and it’s a great resume builder as well!).

Summer Job
Just because you’re not on that 9-5 corporate grind doesn’t mean that a non-professional summer job isn’t a completely valuable summer experience.  Lifeguarding, babysitting, or serving up chocolate/vanilla swirls at your local ice cream parlor are all fun and productive ways to exhibit your excellent work ethic, add some employment experience to your resume, and make some cash (woo!).

Job Shadowing/Networking
Take advantage of your time off to reach out to people in fields you’re interested in.  Summer vacation is a great opportunity to chat with/shadow people in positions you are considering to get a sense of the reality of the job.  Use Holy Cross’ Career Advisory Network  to find alumni in related industries and send them an introductory email to begin networking!  HC alumni are always incredibly willing to discuss their work with students and potentially even show them around for a day.  Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Taking classes
This might be the last thing anyone wants to think about during time off from school, but summer vacation could be a perfect opportunity to take some classes!  Whether you want to make up a missing credit for HC or you are interested in learning more about a random subject that isn’t offered on the Hill, it’s never a bad idea to expand your mind and add some additional courses to your resume.

Do you have an opportunity to travel this summer?  Take it!  Traveling is a fantastic way to gain new cultural experiences, and have a blast while doing so.  While this may not be an academic or professional way to spend your summer, exploring the world is an eye-opening and important experience that employers love to hear about.  Your travels can provide excellent talking points during interviews and definitely help to make you a well-rounded and cultured job candidate.

Clearly there are many different ways to avoid a summer slump.  While binge-watching Netflix may seem like a worthy endeavor, consider these ideas to have a productive, fulfilling, and exciting summer!