Words of Wisdom from Alumni Working in Finance, Real Estate, Consulting and Accounting

Wondering what your day-to-day activities might be like if you work in consulting, real estate, finance, or accounting? Here are skills alumni use everyday, you may want to think about strengthening these 6 things …

“I spend most of my days talking or interacting with clients. These are clients that pay us for our expertise, but want a partnership with an accounting firm that is collaborative. Our liberal arts degree at Holy Cross provides us with the invaluable skill of communication.”
– Allison Egbert Snyder ’98 | ACCOUNTING

“All of (my daily) tasks require an attention to detail and an element of people management and influencing to properly convey your message. ”
– Colin Blair ’00 | REAL ESTATE

“Adaptability is key in consulting, whether it’s handling a last minute client request or completely shifting the direction of a project to deliver better value. ”
– Emily Toto Sweeney ’07 | CONSULTING

“Grit: Not everything that needs to get done is fun…”

– Jonathan Greenglass ’09 | FINANCE

“Being proactive. I always need to be 5 steps ahead of my more senior colleagues. It is through me being proactive that I have been given numerous opportunities early in my career and have gained a lot of trust from my team.”
– Elizabeth Sundheim ’13 | FINANCE

“Communication and critical thinking are by far the most important skills. After solving the issue at hand, persuasively communicating your work product is essential.”
– Manny Mendoza ’15 | FINANCE