4 Tips for Surviving Your First Week of Fall Semester

Aaaaand we’re back! Welcome to fall semester 2017! We hope you had a fun-filled, relaxing, productive summer. Here are a few tips for getting through your first week.


Figuring out where your class is, hugging friends you have not seen since May, and making sure to wake up on time on Wednesday is a lot to do. So, plan ahead as much as you can. Remember to check your email for any classroom changes. Text your friends to meet up for an early breakfast on Wednesday, that way you can all walk to class together and be on time.


This week will be filled with excitement! You may feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do. Try your best to go to bed early or take a nap while your roommate is at class.


You know you missed _______ (insert your favorite Kimball’s food here). Enjoy! For you first year’s, go ahead and have cereal three times a day, we won’t tell.


We are excited you are all back on campus! We look forward to seeing familiar smiles and meeting new students at the Career Kickoff (Hoval) on Wednesday. Stop by for a snack and enter the raffle to win a giftcard to the bookstore.
Enjoy your first week!