8 Tip for Creating Your Resume

By Casey Rooney ’18

Writing a resume, especially for that position you really (REALLY!) want can be a very difficult task! The Center for Career Development is always willing to help, no matter what stage you are at in the writing process. Here are 8 tips to consider while you are staring at your computer screen drafting your resume.

Keep the resume to one page

A resume is defined as a one-page summary of your academic, employment, and co-curricular experiences. It is important to get all the necessary information onto your resume, but the length should not exceed one page.

Keep the formatting simple and consistent

A messy resume may cause distraction to the employer and hurt your chances of being considered for the position.

Reread you resume

Grammar or spelling mistakes could be a make or break!

Use strong action verbs

In your descriptions, be sure to use powerful verbs that describe what your previous activity/position entailed.

Highlight your leadership positions

Employers love to see what leadership experience you have so make sure you make it clear!

Have your contact information at the top of the page, and make sure it is current

Give the correct information so the employer can contact you!

Avoid using acronyms or Holy Cross specific jargon

If you are a member of SGA, be sure to describe it as employers may not know what you are referring to.

Get your resume approved by the Center for Career Development

Stop by the Career Center during drop-in hours to get your resume approved in order to apply for jobs and internships on Crusader Connections.

What are drop-in hours? Watch this video to find out.

Looking for an example of a resume? Log in to Crusader Connections and navigate to the Resources tab and search for “Resume Handout”. There you will find more tips, an example resume, and a list of action verbs.