How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

By Nerelly Checo’18

LinkedIn is an excellent resource to use as an additional tool to both look for jobs and have recruiters look for you. However, many people struggle with knowing exactly what they should put on their LinkedIn profiles and how to make themselves stand out. Here are some tips to make your profile (appropriately) attention-grabbing:

Upload a profile picture.

Your LinkedIn profile is 14x more likely to be viewed if you have a profile picture on it. It is one of the most important aspects of your profile. This picture should be a professional headshot- do not upload a selfie! Make sure your photo actually looks like you. If you wear glasses but do not have any in the picture, change it.

You can also stop by during our LinkedIn workshops on Mondays from 4-5pm and have one of our Peer Career Assistants, Francy, take your picture here in the office.

Upload a background photo.

This is your chance to add a bit of personality to your profile! Keep in mind, this background photo should not be the same one used on Facebook or Twitter. This is a showing of your professional identity, not your personal one.

Change your custom LinkedIn URL to your first and last name.

On the LinkedIn homepage, click the Profile tab at the top. Click on “Edit Profile”. Once on the page, look for your URL which is under your profile picture.

Create a super interesting LinkedIn summary

Your summary should briefly explain who you are and your intentions. This is definitely another way to add personality to your profile- it should never be boring! Come up with a summary that reflects your interest in the industry, why you want to join it and what kind of professional you are. You may highlight some of your personal accomplishments, such as running a marathon, but do not let it overshadow your professional endeavors. Keep in mind- a summary of 40 words or more makes you more likely to appear in a future employer’s search!

Add projects, volunteer work and languages to your profile.

Take advantage of the headline option to write what sets you apart from everyone else.

Use it to talk about your speciality, your value or your “so what?”

When possible include numbers!

Just like on a resume, numbers further emphasize any accomplishments that you may have had. Wayne Breitbart, social media consultant and speaker, states in his summary, “I have helped more than 40,000 businesspeople—from entry level to CEO—understand how to effectively use LinkedIn.” Compare that to “I have helped many business people understand how to effectively use LinkedIn”. See the difference? Now apply it to your resume.

Include a current job.

Most employers search using the current job title filter. Therefore, regardless of whether you are currently employed or not, always have something written within that job title description. For example, if you are interested in Marketing but do not currently have a job in the field, you can write something like “Full Time Student/Marketing Analyst in Training”. In the company name box, you can write keywords such as “In Transition” or “Seeking New Opportunity”.

Add multimedia to your summary and work experiences.

LinkedIn gives you the options to add photos and videos to your profile. You can upload any pictures, videos or projects you have completed in order to visually demonstrate your work efforts. Pictures in action will definitely grab the attention of whoever is viewing your profile!

Start making connections, but don’t add people you don’t know.

Some people to consider connecting with on LinkedIn include friends, family members, neighbors, Holy Cross staff and Faculty you know, and alumni.


Come to our Linkedin Workshop to learn more about how to have the best profile, how to connect with alumni and more. Check the events calendar in Crusader Connections for event and workshop dates and times.



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