Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Center for Career Development

             By: Nerelly Checo ’18

Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up?

1. The Career Center consists of career counselors who are specifically trained to help you with career-related concerns. This group of professionals is best suited to help you figure out what your next plans are. In addition, each career counselor has certain areas of specialty allowing you to pick a counselor who is an expert in your desired industry.

2. The inside of the office is full of career-related resources ranging from informational handouts on how to make a resume or cover letter to online access to the STRONG assessment to figure out your work personality.

3. The career counselors are building relationships with employers who are going to potentially hire you in the future. The better the relationship a staff member has with you, the more likely they are to refer you to an employer if they are looking for a student for an open position.

4. You can receive one-on-one help on your resume and cover letter. The Center offers Drop In Hours everyday from 1PM-4PM, where you can sit for 15 minutes with either a career counselor or a Peer Career Assistant to have your resume or cover letter looked over.

5. Does interviewing make you nervous? Through the Career Center, you can schedule mock interviews with a career counselor and receive helpful criticism on how to improve.

6. Every Monday at 4PM, there are LinkedIn workshops in which you can have a professional photo taken and upload it to your own LinkedIn.

7. The most effective way to get a job is through personal connections. Career counselors can help you connect with alumni who may be of interest to you. Through services such as the Alumni Job Shadowing Program and Career Advisory Network, you can directly meet with alums who may have helpful advice to give you!

8. There are info sessions and events put on specifically meant to help you! Click here for a list of events that you do not want to miss.

9. Everyone in the Center for Career Development genuinely cares. We all want you to have a successful future and will do everything in our power (as long as you also put in the work) to make sure you have a job after graduation.

10. You’re paying for it!