Benefits of Working on Campus

By Nerelly Checo ’18


Benefits of Working on Campus

Many Holy Cross students work on campus but there are still a large number of students who do not. If you are one of those students who have ever wondered whether you should get a job on campus, the answer is YES.  

It may seem overwhelming and unmanageable to have a job on this campus while also managing the high expectations of Holy Cross classes. But trust me, you can do it.

Not only will you be making money and begin paying off student debt…

there are additional benefits that can help you in the long run.

Here are just a few extra reasons why you should really consider holding a job in college:

1. This is the perfect chance to develop some career skills.

Rebecca Holey from Edvisors says, “learning how to work on a team, solve problems, be professional and communicate effectively will take you far.”

Jobs on campus are pretty flexible and typically revolve around your academic schedule. Therefore if you haven’t had any or many jobs in the past, this is the ideal situation to gain skills in an accommodating setting.

2.  Every job you have is a chance to network.

The people you meet at work may be able to offer you other positions or know of people who can talk to you about more opportunities. It’s definitely a plus if you are able to work within the community as those are all additional contacts you have an advantage of knowing.

3. Working while you are in college can really set you apart

Every job you hold can be put on your resume, which gives you extra things to show off about. Who doesn’t love adding things to their resume? Managing your Holy Cross schedule and work shows that you have a strong work ethic and real world experience. For employers, this means that it’s easier for you to transition to the actual working world. Why wouldn’t they want to hire you?

Bonus Tip:

If you know you want to work with something related to your major, ask your professors or advisor if they know of any job openings that you can take. This will give you direct experience and help you really decide if this is what you want to do in the future.

So now that you have read through the multiple benefits of having a job, we hope that you are running to look for one…

Or at least considering it.

Here are a couple of job opportunities available right now on campus.

In addition, the application for the Peer Career Assistant is now open and is a great opportunity for rising juniors and seniors! You can apply through Crusader Connections here.