Alumni Job Shadowing Program: Taylor Moss ’18

Meet Taylor Moss ’18 who participated in the Alumni Job Shadowing Program at NBC


Full Name: Taylor Moss

Class Year: 2018

Major: English/Psychology

Shadowing Visit Site: NBC


1. Describe your visit and what did you gained from the experience?

I was able to shadow at NBC in New York City, specifically in the marketing department for their Hispanic channel, Telemundo. My morning started with meeting my alumni and getting to know her. It was great hearing about her favorite parts of Holy Cross and how she adjusted after graduation. Then, we went over her responsibilities, and I got to see projects she was working on (and what a really full calendar looks like). She had scheduled meetings for me with her coworkers that I went to throughout the day to learn more about the company and the marketing field—they even added a last minute meeting with a sports marketing specialist because they heard I loved sports! After we got lunch together, I got to sit in on meetings and brainstorms. Seeing the creative process first hand was a great experience. Since I am graduating (too) soon, it was very helpful to see what a day in the real world, along with the workplace expectations and opportunities that come with it, is like.


2. How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans/goals?

I am very interested in going into marketing after graduation and was hoping to learn even more about the field. Being able to see what a typical day in the office is like gave me a realistic view into what the day to day responsibilities can entail. There was definitely more variety than I expected, and I am excited about that—I love keeping busy and being able to pursue multiple goals. I previously had internship experience in trade marketing, but shadowing an alumni gave me insight into what integrating marketing is like as well. One of my favorite parts were the meetings my alumni set up for me with other people in the office. It was great to hear about their experiences, opinions and responsibilities while networking.


3. What is some helpful advice your alumni host shared with you?

My alumni host was amazing! Some of the most helpful advice she gave me was to pursue something I love and to continue to make connections, especially within the Holy Cross network.