Meet #CrusaderIntern Rachel Checo ’20, Sanctuary for Families

Meet #CrusaderIntern Rachel Checo ’20, Sanctuary for Families

(Pictured second from the right)


Full Name: Rachel Checo ’20

Summer Internship: Sanctuary for Families


What were you up to this past summer?

This past summer, I interned at a nonprofit organization called Sanctuary for Families. This organization particularly helps survivors of violence, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, sex trafficking and violence within the LGBTQ community. I helped with updating the volunteer packet with information that are useful for future volunteers to know who would like to help the organization in any way that they can. I also helped with a few research projects in regards to violence, and helped set up for the Zero Tolerance event, an annual event that helps raise awareness on violence.


What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was being able to bond with other interns at Sanctuary for Families, and getting to know them personally. I enjoyed bonding with my coworkers and learning more about the important work Sanctuary for Family does.


What surprised you?

What surprised me was the amount of information I learned about violence in general. I learned a lot about what human trafficking is and how domestic violence not only affects the victims but their children as well. I also learned a great deal about teen dating violence and what are the signs of being in an healthy and unhealthy relationship.