Meet #CrusaderIntern Jullia Pham ’20, Global Merchandising Intern at Coach

Meet #CrusaderIntern Jullia Pham ’20, Global Merchandising Intern at Coach


1. Tell us about your internship and the work that you are doing this summer.

This summer, I am working as the Global Merchandising Intern for the Men’s Outlet Leather Goods team at Coach. Within this job position, I will be assisting Samantha Moor ‘15 and her team. This includes working with different departments like design and product development to produce a new line of products for upcoming seasons. Currently we are working on spring and summer 2020! 


2. What is the coolest thing about your internship or the company/organization where you intern?

One of my favorite parts of this internship is that I get exposure to all three of Tapestry’s brands including Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman. Everyday I get to see new and existing products from the brands all around me. Specifically on the merchandising team, I get to see products for future seasons before they launch in stores!


3. What has surprised you about being an intern? 

One of my biggest surprises is the difference in culture across different companies. I previously held internship roles at Hearst Magazines in NYC and the Boch Center, a non profit in Boston. Throughout my time at all three companies, I have experienced different workplaces and their approaches to their intern programs. I have been able to learn from every experience which has helped me tremendously in identifying what type of company I want to work for post graduation. Having internship experience not only helps you to see if the role is a great fit, but also lets me explore different work cultures and company values and what type of people I want to work collaboratively with. 


4. How has this internship influenced your future career plans?  

This internship is my first role within the fashion and retail space. It not only allows me to understand and learn from Coach but also from a new parent company (Tapestry) that has acquired Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman as well. In addition to introducing me to a new industry, my position within the merchandising team will allow me to understand the lifecycle of a product and the development of new and existing products for months ahead. 


5. Any internship advice to pass on to other Holy Cross students?

Talk to alumni and leverage the Holy Cross network! This is advice we always hear but is absolutely one of the best advice to follow. Even if they are not at the current company you are interning, reach out for coffee or a phone call! Alumni are more than willing to share their career trajectories with current students. We are so fortunate to have an alumni network that will go out of their way to help us through their personal connections from their company, but also through their generous donations to resources like the Crusader Fund. My internship at Coach is sponsored through the Crusader Fund and my manager is alumna Samantha Moor ‘15. Without the help of alumni this wouldn’t be possible!