Meet #CrusaderIntern Noah Sisk ’20, Constituent Services Intern for the Office of Congressman Joe Courtney

1. Tell us about your internship and the work that you are doing this summer.

This summer, I serve as the Constituent Services Intern for the office of Congressman Joe Courtney. My daily responsibilities included taking notes at frequent meetings, preparing media clips, and answering and directing constituent phone calls. I also accompanied the Congressman and other senior staff members on visits throughout the district to local businesses and community organizations. As the summer progressed, I was been able to more closely observe public policy issues such as offshore wind energy and veterans’ affairs in order to gain deep insight into the operations of a congressional staff. 

2. What is the coolest thing about your internship or the company/organization where you intern?
While at Holy Cross throughout the school year, it can be easy to lose track of what’s happening in my home state. However, the coolest thing about my internship is that it’s given me the opportunity to become better educated on the issues that are most important to the people of eastern Connecticut. This summer, I listened to countless calls from individuals of all political leanings on everything from impeachment and gun control to toll roads and lobster fishing. Through this, I’ve been exposed to American democracy at the most basic level as I interact with constituents and hear their concerns.

3. What has surprised you about being an intern? 
I think what’s most surprising to me about my internship has been learning just how essential a talented staff is to the success of a congressional office and the wide variety of support roles they provide. Behind any elected official is a team of passionate individuals each committed to public service, and this experience has deepened my appreciation for those working behind the scenes. It’s been an honor to be welcomed by a warm group of people who are committed to serving the residents of Connecticut.


4. How has this internship influenced your future career plans?  
This internship has definitely helped me to identify working in a congressional office as one potential career choice. Next semester, I’ll be interning in Washington DC and while I haven’t selected an internship yet, I hope that both experiences will provide me with greater perspective in choosing my career.


5. Any internship advise to pass on to other Holy Cross students?

Always say yes if you’re asked to complete any optional tasks or attend optional events and meetings! You never know who you might meet or what you’ll take away from an experience, so always keep yourself open to whatever opportunities present themselves. It’s important to soak up every available opportunity for growth within this limited amount of time!