Meet Alumna Stephanie Tsui ’15, School of Dental Medicine

Name: Stephanie Tsui

Class Year: 2015

Position: DMD Candidate, Class of 2020 / School of Dental Medicine


1. In one sentence, what does your job entail? 

As a dentist, we diagnose and treat problems of the mouth, teeth, and gums.


2. What planned and unplanned events connected you to your industry and your first employer after Holy Cross? How did you learn/decided it was a good fit for you?  

During my time at Holy Cross, I enrolled in the academic internship program and was connected to a local Auburn dentist to shadow, while also attending a weekly seminar. The minute I started shadowing the dentists, I immediately fell in love with dentistry. I loved the aspects of patient care, working with my hands, and the overall work life balance of the job. It was through this program, that I decided to pursue dentistry and apply to dental school.


3. What were you involved in when you were on campus?

I was involved in inorganic chemistry research in the Herrick lab, was a TA for first and second year chemistry courses, and volunteered weekly through SPUD.


4. What was your major and how did it affect your career decisions? 

I majored in chemistry and concentrated in Asian studies. I felt that majoring in chemistry really prepared me for the entrance exam for dental school (DAT) and dental school itself. While I don’t use chemistry in my day to day life, I will always appreciate all that I learned and look back at my days in the lab with my classmates fondly.


5. What are one or two skills that you developed at Holy Cross that you use in your work?

I learned to be a life long learner at Holy Cross. I developed great study habits and organizational skills that I utilize to this day. Going into dental school, I was nervous and initially felt I didn’t belong. Those thoughts quickly dissipated once I realized I could handle the course load. I felt confident with my study habits and worth ethic that I developed at Holy Cross.


6. What advice do you have for students on campus today?  

Take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to you daily, especially your alumni network.