Meet #CrusaderIntern Seryna Warren ’22

Name: Seryna Warren

Class Year: 2022

Intern Title: Human Resources Project Manager

Organization: Seaside Sustainability


1. Tell us about where you interned over the summer and the kind of work you are doing.

Over the summer, I remotely interned at an organization called Seaside Sustainability based in Gloucester, MA. At Seaside, I was a Human Resources Project Manager, where I handled internal communications between staff, and worked to prioritize the mental well-being of the employees. In this position, I managed projects pertaining to mental health and community well-being, such as workshops and newsletter programs. At Seaside, I also worked as a Green Consulting intern, where I collaborated with a team on the development of a sustainability consulting program and contract to use in collaboration with schools to help them work towards more sustainable campuses. At this internship, I also received the President’s Volunteer Service Award, an award given to interns who complete a certain amount of volunteer hours.


2. Give us an example of how you have applied your academic learnings to your internship?

I was able to apply so much of my academic learning to my internship. As an Environmental Studies major, I am able to go into depth in a plethora of different disciplines during the academic year, from the humanities to the hard sciences. During the summer, I was able to carry over all I had learned while involved in the ENVS program to my internship. I was able to apply my knowledge of the hard sciences, such as biology and chemistry, to the brainstorming and developing of consulting areas. I also was able to utilize my knowledge from my course on environmental perspectives to prioritize ethics in the consulting program as well.


3. What has surprised you about being an intern?

What had surprised me about being an intern was how much I was actually able to contribute to the organization. Upon starting the internship, I had the misconception that I would only be able to contribute so much, as someone with minimal experience. I totally was. wrong. During my internship, I felt as though my ideas and thoughts were well heard and included in the work that was going on, leaving me with the feeling that I had made such a strong contribution to the teams that I was on.


4. How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans / goals?

This experience helped me to establish a few ideas that I have for my future. To look more positively, as a Green Consulting Intern, I was able to establish a curiosity about sustainability consulting that I continued today with my participation in the Pothos Project here at HC. I also learned through this internship that I hope to have a more active position in a career. All of my internship was done behind a computer screen, which was great as I was able to work with people all over the world, but I also found that it was not the type of work setting I hope to have in my future career. I also feel as though my internship showed me the opportunities to work in nonprofit organizations, which is another career path I hope to look more into.


5. Any internship advice to pass on to other Holy Cross students?

My best advice when looking for / doing an internship is to make meaningful connections through networking. Over the course of my internship, I was able to meet and network with some amazing individuals. This skill of networking continues to help me today with my current internship (different from my summer internship), as well as within my career search.