10 Mobile Apps you want to download to keep you in the loop on careers!

Hey Crusaders,

           Welcome back to this week’s Career Planning blog sponsored by your friends in Hogan 203. As you may be aware, we are looooong past the Jurassic age when people used the yellow pages to search for things and carried around beepers. We are right in the mist of the booming tech era and if you haven’t noticed EVERYONE NOW HAS A SMARTPHONE! So why not use this “smart” phone to make smart decisions regarding your career search? Today’s job seeker must be on the hunt for new opportunities 24/7 to maintain a competitive advantage over other candidates. But to do so successfully, job seekers must have constant access, both at home and on the go To help you ready your device, we have compiled a short list of FREE apps that may be worth installing if you want to get a job or internship in this century.

Job Search Apps

1  CareerBuilder AppJobs by CareerBuilder.com (FREE): This free app brings the power of CareerBuilder.com straight to your mobile device, giving you instant access to search and apply to nearly 2 million job postings on CareerBuilder.com, the largest job site in the US.

2    Monster Jobs AppMonster.com Jobs (FREE): In addition to feeding the latest job postings from Monster.com, this free app lets you take your Monster.com account with you on the go so that you can apply directly to new listings right from your mobile device.

3 Indeed Jobs AppJob Search by Indeed.com (FREE): Indeed is a powerful job search aggregator that collects job listings from all the major job search engines and job boards into one convenient location for you to review.

4 LinkUp AppJob Search Engine by LinkUp.com (FREE): LinkUp’s unique search engine, updated daily, lists only jobs that are found on company and employer websites. This helps you uncover the hidden job market of opportunities not publicly advertised on the major job search engines.

5 SimplyHired AppSimply Hired (FREE): Simply Hired is one of the largest job search engines, aggregating job postings from across the web, including major job search engines, online newspapers, company websites and more.

6 SnagaJob AppSnagAJob (FREE): SnagAJob is a top-ranked search engine for full-time and part-time hourly positions throughout the US. This free app provides you immediate access to their database of new job listings.

7 JobAware AppJobAware (FREE): JobAware app allows you to search jobs in cities near you leveraging the iPhone’s GPS and helps you organize and track your progress throughout the job application process. It also offers salary comparisons for hundreds of occupations, LinkedIn account integration to help you take advantage of your network and job search advice from top career experts.

8 JobCompass AppJobCompass (FREE): JobCompass uses the iPhone’s GPS to find open positions within a given radius of the area you are in. In addition to providing job description information, this app also allows you to apply directly from your phone.

9 SnapDat Digital Business Cards (FREE): SnapDat is the #1 app for designing and sending digital business cards directly from your iPhone! You can create unlimited digital business cards with a provided template or picture and can email it instantly to your contact’s address

10 Interview Prep Questions App (FREE): Interview Prep is a fully-featured flash card app that prepares you for dozens of job interview questions. Each question is accompanied by suggestions that will help you answer these tough questions.


Remember to stop by the Career Planning Center’s Drop-In hours, M-F between 1-4pm if you find a job or internship and have questions or concerns before applying.

                        Now there are HUNDREDS of apps that can help you and you’re encouraged to look at all of them. We know that you’re all busy being Holy Cross students and all so if you only have time to search ten, then these are the ones you’ll want to search. Now you can take your career search mobile by using these incredible apps anywhere!…Except during class! Now GO!


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Thinking about going global? Well try your luck with PASSPORT CAREER!

Welcome Crusaders to this week’s Career Planning Blog Post…hosted by yours truly in the office of Hogan 203.

This week we are excited to introduce you to the new Passport Career program—your online career resource that will help you to explore opportunities around the world! Yes… THE WORLD!

Whether you’re looking to get away from the cold New England winters or just curious of the wonderful experience interning or working abroad might bring check out PASSPORT CAREER!

Around this time you may be seeking a job, internship, volunteer work, or are studying abroad. In any situation, Passport Career provides extensive resources, guidance, strategies, tools and support to help you make your career move!

Here we have outlined 5 easy tips to getting started with Passport Career:



a. Go to www.PassportCareer.com

b. Click on Have a Registration Key? on the upper right corner of the homepage –>

c. Enter this Registration Key (notice: all lowercase & only 1 “s”): HOLYCROS

d. Fill out the brief registration form. Use your school email address (except alumni) to create your login/password for future use and you’re ready to roll!

e. Use your email/password to login in the future.



On the menu bar, you will find quick access to several of the tools available, including the H1B Employer Database for non-Americans seeking jobs or internships in the USA. You will also find a direct link to the International Jobs/Intern Portal, which is updated daily with more than 1,000,000 jobs/internships in 203 countries.


  • To maximize the benefits of Passport Career, we suggest you immediately sign up for the webinar, called Using Passport Career Strategically. This webinar is offered monthly at different times and is an excellent way to help you take advantage of all the Passport Career system has to offer you. Click on Webinars at the top of the page.






  • We suggest that you begin by reviewing the guidance and strategies relevant to your situation in My Global Career Briefcase. Click on the My Briefcase link at the top of the page.4




In order to be successful with your exploration and/or transition, you need to think of Passport Career as your personal career assistant. We suggest that you schedule 15-30 minutes each week to explore further the content, resources and tools. People who use Passport Career regularly have the greatest chance of success with their career goals!


There are many amazing photos and videos of the countries & cities featured throughout Passport Career. There are also more than 15,000 pages of expert career content! Take the time to learn about other places—especially their business culture, which is key (along with strategic networking) to successfully transitioning your career to a new location.


Click on the “HELP” link at the top of the page and fill out the form to send to your request or question OR, you can always send an email to info@passportcareer.com.


We want to hear from you!

Let us know how your job/internship search and career transition are moving along. What is working for you? Where do you need more help? What questions do you have? We are here to help you, so be sure to stay in communication with the Career Planning Center, Hogan 203.


What Not to Wear Edition: Don’t let your wardrobe SPOOK your Employers!

Muhahahahaaa! It is the week of Halloween and all across the hill students may hear the cry’s from the ghost of “What Not To Wear”...who Howls in the night at the thought of Holy Cross students wearing  ridiculous outfits to professional events.


Soooo to avoid having the ghost of “What Not To Wear” haunt  you in

your dreams, let’s use this opportunity to have a refresher on the basics of dressing to impress.


First things first…the Ghost has something major to say NOOO jeans, NO sneakers, NO flip-flops, NO excessive jewelry and NOOOO bodily piercings or marks  are recommended for dressing for success. You’re welcome to dress in these articles before and after the interview/event but absolutely not during!

For an interview, the ghost has a general rule of thumb “you can never be overdressed.” You only have a short period of time to be assessed by the potential employer and you best make it work! Important to remember that you’re being assess on more than just your outfit. While you want to convey professionalism through your dress, you don’t want to be remembered for having spent too long putting together an outfit but being under qualified for the job.

Here are the basics for putting together your wardrobe before an occasion.

(If you already own these items, GREAT!…If not, you may want to make some effort to at least have one set of professional clothes in you closet just in case you are ever asked to throw it on.)

Men: (Fairly Simple)

  • 1 Basic suit with neutral color and white button down shirt.
  • Simple Tie neutral colored
  • DARK colored socks (Don’t Let the Ghost catch you wearing WHITE)
  • Leather dress shoes


  • Conservative Dress/skirt (Knee-Length) or ironed business slacks with a blouse
  • NO LOUD colors! (this includes any jewelry, nails and hair)
  • Limit the perfume & amount of jewelry on hands/neck
  • Simple hairstyle (Nooo fixing hair during interview!)
  • Simple heels or flats (No dancing heels!)

Outside of an interview setting, it is very important to remain professionally dressed in the workplace. You may see the term “Business Casual” in some places as the desired attire for a particular event or occasion. It is important to also understand what this means so you’re not too casual.

Though business casual does blend the personal with the professional it really exists to make people feel more comfortable and be their most productive!

For Men: business casual usually means skipping the suit jacket and tie for a simple look that consist of a pressed collared shirt, usually tucked in a pair of dress pants all complemented nicely with a belt.

For Women: generally women can wear any type of skirt or dress with a hem that is past the knee or a tailored pair of dress pants with a blouse that isn’t too revealing. Closed-toed shoes are recommended, though heels and flats are always acceptable.

Although it may seem like we are trying to quash your self-expression…Were not!  There are many ways to dress professionally and still incorporate your own style. Remember that dressing conservatively does not mean you cannot be stylish! You just want to make sure that the interviews remember you because of you r great answers,not your weird appearance. We gave you the basics now go out there and put it all together in a way that best represents who you are to your potential employer!

For tips on ways to “Stand Out From the Crowd” visit http://www.midwestsearchgroup.com/interview-tips

Happy Halloween Holy Cross!

 And be sure to get your wardrobe in place for Trick or Treating! 


Navigate your way through the Career Planning site

Here at Holy Cross, you’ve probably been encouraged to take advantage of college resources on many different occasions, whether it be using the online Moodle site for class or the SaderLink site for groups & organizations. However, this post is here to inform you about another great online resource worth taking advantage of… the Career Planning site!

This post is meant to reacquaint you step by step with the services and resources offered virtually by the Career Planning site.

Step 1: Log on to www.holycross.edu/careerplanning.com. You should see –> Career Planning Center Step 1

Play attention to the areas within the red box

  • “Online Resources” [Top Left]
  • “See Also” Links       [Top Right]
  • Calendar,Facebook,Twitter,Blog Links [Bottom Left]


Online Resources

Step 2: Click “Online Resources“. You should see ->

  • First on the top left corner, you will find our “Self-Help Guides. These packets will take you step-by-step through the process of developing your resume, writing a cover letter and learning skills to help you score a dream internship or job. This is the place to start learning how to develop your professional profile!

All of these guides plus more are also offered in print at the Career Planning Center in  Hogan 203

  • “Online Workshops” are in the top right corner. Here you’ll find Powerpoints that deal with specific situations such as the different types of interviews you may encounter. While the first section centers on more general advice, this is the place to look for tips when you’ve narrowed down the companies you’re applying for.

Step 3: External Links

Now it’s time to tackle the bottom section of “External Links.” All of these links provide helpful information about potential career paths or current internship/job opportunities. Yes! ALL of these links are here to guide you in your job search whether it be in the states or abroad, in your major or something you’ve never thought of…Trust me!

They’re worth checking out!

  • Still not sure where your career path is heading? (P.S. No one really is)
  1. Search by Major on this site.
  2. Considering Abroad?  Head to http://www.passportcareer.com/
  • Ready to gain experience? Search for specific internships:
  1. Liberal Arts Career Network: Visit->LACN (Sign in via Crusader connections)
  2. Broaden your search: here [Glassdoor]
  • Know what career field you want to pursue? Look for specific jobs:
  1. Considering Non-profits? Check this site out.

Step 4: CRUSADER CONNECTIONS In under 1-minute!

Now that you know the basics…Here’s the inside scoop on how to navigate Crusader Connnections

There are dozens of internships and jobs available on Crusader Connections for students of all class years and majors. While some positions are restricted to specific class years or to the  Summer Internship Program, many are not.  Search the site to see what opportunities may be of interest to you!

Directions for using Crusader Connections [Updated from previous years]

The URL for Crusader Connections is:

Build your Profile

– Click on My Profile tab in top navigation bar, complete required fields, and choose Save Changes & Continue

– Click on Personal and update contact information, class year, etc . Save changes.

– Click on Academic and update.  Save changes.

– Click on Privacy Settings and update (Choose ‘yes’ for faster notifications of job postings).

Upload Necessary Documents (resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, etc.)

– Click on My Documents tab in top navigation bar

– Click on Add New at the bottom of the page

– Enter a document title in the Label field

– Click on Browse button, select a file to upload and then click the Submit button

– Repeat  steps 1-3  for other documents

Apply for Job

– Click on Jobs/Internships tab or the Employers tab in the top navigation bar.  (For fewer results, choose Crusader Connections Jobs)

– Use the Keyword search

– Click on the Apply button

– You will be directed to find your Necessary Documents in the drop-down

– Highlight the appropriate name and Submit the required documents

– A green screen will appear to indicate that you have successfully applied to the job.


Interested in applying for a position you found?

Stop by the Career Planning Center‘s drop in hours, M-F 1-4pm to have your required documents checked out!

**If accessing any of the above links off campus, sign on to Crusader Connections & go to “Career Resources” box**

Now it’s time to use these resources &  start your Career Search!

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NETWORKING 101: Take A Minute to Learn the Art of Networking


How many times have you heard the expression: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?

Well the age old expression comes from the basic premise that Networking is key to landing a solid career!

When asked the best way for someone to break into a given career, the typical response deals with an old friend or family member, ex boyfriend, or co-worker who graciously passed an opportunity along.

Knowing someone who knows someone is undoubtedly central to success. So learning the tools necessary to land a list of contacts who are working in the fields we are pursuing  is very important.


What does it mean?

Normally when people think of networking, it’s all about business cards and shaking hands…and though that is true, networking is not a mere exchange of business cards at a career fair nor is it begging for jobs from people you barely know. The WASHINGTON POST defines networking as, “building relationships on the basis of trust that involves a give and take.” 

More simply put, networking means reaching out to people you already know AND forming new connections with various professionals.

Why is it important to network?

As my high school counselor famously said: Networking is not optional…  Networking is not optional!!

And she was correct. Networking is not optional… anymore… it is crucial to reaching success in any field.

In today’s workforce finding a job is not as simple as attending a job fair or sending out a killer resume. The job market is VERY competitive  and people who know people in the right positions are going to get jobs.

It is possible to get entry level positions by going through the normal application process, but very often when it comes to landing higher level positions, having an inside contact will make all the difference.

Ways to Start

One very simple way of networking is developing a professional online presence through sites like LinkedIn,SimplyHired, or any other career recruitment website. Social media provides a space for you to showcase your experiences/accomplishments with potential employers without meeting face to face.

{Although some websites may advertise job recruitment, be aware of which sites you are giving personal information to}


Before applying to any job posting/internship/career fair/program look up as much information as you can on the company or organization. You should be familiar with companies that peak your interest and answer basic questions like: What are they about?  What is their mission? Were they recently in the news?  How can you impact this company in a positive way?


Once you do land an interview or meeting with a potential employer, be sure to have the necessary materials…think about it as your CAREER UTILITY BELT. 


Have business cards printed with your information as well as hard copies of your resume and cover letters handy in case employers ask.
For more on networking, check out the Networking 101 advice from the Washington Post. Also look at GradtoGreat.com’s “15 Ways to Make a Good Impression at Formal Events” for more tips!



Where to begin?…Tips for getting your “Career On”



By now most of us have already got into the busy regimen that Holy Cross students live for; balancing our work from class, managing groups and orgs as well as participating in athletics while also trying to maintain a social life…TOUGH STUFF! However we’re here at the Career Planning Center to help you with one of the most IMPORTANT task during your time here at Holy Cross and that’s figuring out what that NEXT journey is once school is over. . . . . .

Don’t Panic! Don’t Worry! There’s a lot to do but there’s a few ways the Career Planning Center can help!

THE FIRST!: You must know whats in HOGAN 203! 

So many of us may walk right past it everyday on the way in & out of Hogan  but the home of Career Planning sits comfortably in H O G A N 203!

Here lies the home of the Career Counselors! (These are the people you want to get to know)

  • Amy Murphy
  • Maura Hume’07
  • Pam Ahearn
  • Megan Chester
  • Melisa Jaquez’06
  • Julie Draczynski
  • Angela Barnes

These are the wonderful people who are trained to help Holy Cross students identify their career interest and objectives as we navigate securing jobs/internships over our years on the hill…and after!

To set up an appointment with one of the Career Counselors, stop by Hogan 203 or give us a call at 508-793-3880. There are also Drop-in hours everyday from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Now here’s a Career Horoscope by class year so you are aware of some things you might want to pay attention to…


This is your FIRST semester at HC! Congrats and Welcome!! As a newly arrived student, you truly have a                                      “fresh” start at finding what your interests are and learning a great deal about yourself. Though you are just                                       arriving and my not be as concerned with getting a head start on what your’e going to do 3 to 4 years from                                       now, there are a few ways to set yourself up for a superb first year!

  1. GET Involved: Join at least 2 clubs or organizations. Get interested in what they’re promoting to the campus and become an advocate. Why do you support them and where does this interest come from/where can it lead you? This is also a triple bonus because not only do you learn about yourself, you meet awesome people and its looks great to show you’ve been devoted to something outside of academics when its time to work on you resume!

You have some experience under your belt and you are ready to hone in your skills and piece together your achievements.

Now is the time to…

  1. Work on your Resume: Now is the time to either create or refine your resume as you begin building your professional profile. Remember to schedule time to come in and meet the Career Counselors for help with perfecting your resume!
  2. APPLY to SIP: As a sophomore you can now apply to HC’s Summer Internship Program and benefit from its resources. This is a great chance to work on your resume, cover letter and interview skills.



Juniors the time has come for you to start the search for your future career! Get your feet wet with internships!!!

  1. If you haven’t already done so, APPLY TO SIP: The summer internship program gives qualified students a helpful “foot in the doors” to the amazing internships that Holy Cross and its alumni may offer.
  2. Early Bird gets the JOB!: Start browsing different company websites for internship opportunities. Many companies set their deadlines in the fall, so have your updated resumes and cover letters ready!

Senior year may be daunting, might seem a little overwhelming.. but don’t fret! Senior Year is the inevitable prelude to the notorious “real world” that you’ve been hearing about for years. Best way to set yourself up for success is through networking and speaking with people who can grant you opportunities.

  1. Stay in Touch: If you had a summer internship or job during the summer, stay in touch with the managers, supervisors, employers you’ve met! Maintaining a dialogue keeps you fresh in their minds and helps for recommendations later down the road.
  2. Use ALL Resources: There will be a ton of opportunities either on campus or off for you to network or learn more about the job force…USE THEM! The Career Planning Center puts on a bunch of events for students to get the right information you need to do what ever it is you want after college. Be sure to  use BOTH Crusader Connections and Career Advisors Network to reach out to alums in career fields you’re interested in. Also, keep an eye out for the invitation from the Alumni office to join the Alumni Online Community where you can search for additional contacts.
  3. Always remember to Sell Yourself!: Use events like the Holy Cross Career Fair or Career Info Sessions to meet new contacts and demonstrate your professionalism. Having a stand out personality will land you so many opportunities to connect with employers.


Have questions or want help with these quick tips? Come to Career Planning in Hogan 203 for Drop-In hours (1-4pm everyday) or set up an appointment to meet with one of our amazing Career Counselors!