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Alumni Guest Post: Succeeding at Your Summer Internship

By now many of us are quickly approaching the halfway point of our summer internships–an appropriate time to look back at what we’ve learned in the past five weeks and to look ahead to what we want to accomplish before the end of August. To give some guidance as to how to make the most out of these ten weeks, look no further than HC 2010 grad Christine Giamattei whose blog is a great look into young professional life!

Giamattei’s tips on succeeding at your summer internship are sure to win you some positive evaluations from your managers and ensure you get the most out of your experience. Enjoy!


It’s internship season in New York City! This year’s best and brightest college kids have made their way to the Big Apple and are flooding the subways, sidewalks, and standard intern bars like Turtle Bay and The Saloon.

These days, securing an internship and having a successful summer in an office environment is an INDISPENSABLE aspect of a resume and college career. An internship will not only allow you to explore potential careers and hone organization, time management, and interpersonal skills, but will give you a competitive edge when applying for real deal jobs senior year. Potential employers love college kids with valuable experience, and it gives you a lot to talk about on a resume, cover letter, phone chat, and in-person interview.

look this cool and confident at your internship | via

Though I am no expert on internships, I did have two successful internship experiences in NYC in 2008 and 2009 (editor’s note: read about Giamattei’s SIP experience here!) and as a result was confident when applying for jobs, securing one right before graduation last year. There are two interns in my office this year… and it is so strange to be on the other side, giving them assignments and managing their projects.

It has given me a whole new perspective on internships… and especially how to stand out at your internship. Because… if you go through the trials of finding an internship, interviewing, spending some $$$ to live and work in a city for the summer, and commuting to and from your internship each day… you might as well give it all you’ve got. And honestly, it will not work to your advantage unless you do it right.

Right? Right.

So from my own time as a little intern in NYC… to now… with my own interns (uh, since when did I kindasorta grow up?)… here’s my top 5.

1) Do It Right the First Time. Double- and triple-check your work. Even if it’s just sending a simple e-mail to your supervisor. Even if it means taking a little extra time to turn something in. Follow directions to a T, reread what you wrote for correct grammar and punctuation, keep it as organized and concise as possible. If you’re not sure about something, it does not hurt to ask before you submit the work for review.

2) Write Well. I work in Marketing and Public Relations, so this is a skill that is extremely important to this industry… but it certainly goes a long way in other industries as well. Believe me, people will quickly notice if you are a good writer… and just as quickly realize if you do not take it seriously.

3) Volunteer For More Projects. It looks incredibly impressive and it will help you grow. Summer interns are a blessing for offices everywhere. If your supervisor seems stressed, offer to chip in and take some of the burden off of him or her. Even if that means working while commuting, coming into the office early, and leaving late. Of course, don’t get over-ambitious… but tap into those time management skills to get it all done!

4) Smile and Be Cheery. No one wants a slug for an intern! We want upbeat, positive college kids who are excited about the tasks they are given, no matter how small (and I promise even the stuff that seems “small” is big).

5) Share Your Ideas. Seriously! Speak up. The twenty-something generation is where it’s at. Everyday we move culture by thinking creatively, sharing our ideas, and working to put ideas into action. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg or David Karp, the founder of Tumblr. It may seem intimidating and your idea may be shut down or shelved… but you will be remembered for sharing your passions and insights.

(Originally posted on bun&borough on June 23, 2011. See full post here.)

Internship 911: How to Dress Office-Appropriate in the Summer

It can be difficult to dress appropriately for the office while staying (and looking) cool. You may be contending with a variety of climates: heat and humidity on your commute on the subway, and an arctic chill of the AC in the cubical.

If you’re looking for tips for how to pull together an office-approrpirate wardrobe, check out the following article from And let us know how you’ve handled summer dressing conundum! We’d love to hear your tips!

Remember this fashion faux pax? Flip flops are a DON’T in business and fancy settings!

Dressing for summer in the office can be tough. Ninety-degree weather and a suit jacket don’t exactly mix, but neither do guys in shorts and corporate boardrooms. Not to mention the fact that, at any given point during the summer, it’s about 40 degrees cooler in the average office building than it is outside.

But it is possible to create a summer work wardrobe that’s comfortable yet professional, and cool yet collected. Here’s how.

1. No flip flops: Ladies, this faux-pas is typically committed by you, so listen up: “Flip flops are beach wear which transpired into ‘commuter-wear’ and then slowly into office wear,” says Lizandra Vega, author of “The Image of Success: Make a Great Impression and Land the Job You Want.”

Not only do they look unprofessional, but their namesake “flip-flop” noise is an easy way to drive your co-workers nuts every time you walk by their desks, so opt for strappy sandals, espadrilles or ballet flats instead.

2. Choose light colors: “Lighter color garments help you keep cool during hot summer months,” Vega says. “Dark colors absorb heat, while light colors reflect heat.” That said; make sure the color isn’t too light. See below.

3. No peep shows: Summer clothing is often made of lightweight, lightly colored fabric. This can make for a comfortable commute, but it can also make for awkward over exposure. “Avoid apparel in fabrics that are so lightweight that they are see-through,” Vega says.

4. Wear an undershirt: It may seem counter-intuitive to add an extra layer when it’s hot out, but (men especially), if you don’t already wear an undershirt, you might want to start now. The extra layer will help absorb sweat during a mid-summer commute.

“Wearing a cotton undershirt actually helps men feel cooler as it will absorb perspiration,” Vega says. “[Plus],if a lighter fabric shirt is chosen, the undershirt will prevent it from being see-through.”

5. For women, dresses are best: Women are at a serious advantage when it comes to dressing for summer at the office for one simple reason: They can wear dresses.

“Dresses are a great option because it avoids having to wear a jacket,” Vega says. “A wrap dress, a sheath or shift dress are appropriate options.”

If you will be forgoing the jacket, look for styles with short or three-quarter length sleeves, even sleeveless if you feel comfortable. Tank-style dresses are too casual for the office without a jacket or cardigan, though.

Even Gossip Girls know
 the value of a good blazer!

 6. Keep an extra layer at work: Women can keep a wrap or lightweight, neutral-colored cardigan in their desks in case the air conditioning is kicked into overdrive. Men can do the same with a blazer or sweater.

(Full article Via.)

Internships this summer!

Still searching for an internship? Do you want to make a difference this summer? Do you like helping others? Local non -profit organizations are looking for YOU! Holy Cross staff recently attended an event with the Worcester College Consortium at the Worcester Public Library. Please check out the many organizations that are interested in Holy Cross students. They are seeking your help this summer and beyond. Contact information and web addresses are included so that you may contact the organizations directly. Let us know if you land something! Good luck. Non-Profit Organizations in Worcester, Mass. (PDF)

Networking: Where to begin?

This guest post comes from Julie Draczynski, an alumna of Holy Cross and HR veteran.
She knows the value of shaking hands and working a room, and we’re fortunate enough to learn from her wisdom!

“How have you incorporated networking into your job search?”

Ah, the fated question that so many people shy away from. Networking doesn’t have to be difficult or scary if you know how to approach it in a way that works best for you. As a Holy Cross Alumna (’99), I remember what it felt like when graduation was around the corner and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do once I left the hill. Then, as someone who just left a company after 11 years to try something different, I know firsthand how important networking is as you discover the best job fit.

“So what is networking, really?”

Networking IS a process of building relationships with people who can provide you with information, advice and referrals to increase your visibility in the job market.

Networking IS NOT contacting people to ask for a specific job within a company.

As a Holy Cross student about to enter the job market, you should be using two key resources to network: Holy Cross Alumni &  Connect with Holy Cross Alumni through the Alumni Online Community and the Career Advisor Network (CAN), which consists of Alumni who have volunteered to meet with students to discuss their careers. Talk with Alumni who are in a role/industry that interests you or are at a company that you are targeting. My general sense is that alumni are proud to be Holy Cross graduates; they’ve been there and are happy to chat with a soon-to-be fellow Holy Cross grad. is a great networking tool that will help you broaden your network of contacts.  The “LinkedIn Tips” document below will outline how to set up your profile and grow your connections. Use the LinkedIn search tools to search for specific jobs (yes, jobs are posted on LinkedIn and recruiters use that site to search for potential candidates) and to research companies that you may be interested in. When you see a job you are interested in, look at any current employees you may be connected to (1st or 2nd degree). Reach out to those connections and ask for an informational meeting to learn more about the company, the role you’re interested in, if appropriate, etc…

Networking is an essential part of the job search process. It will help you better define what you are and are not looking for in a job and/or company. It can lead to job opportunities that are the right fit for you!

So, have you reached out to someone yet today?

Additional Resources on Networking:

Networking Strategies and Tips

Are your parents adding to your job/internship search stress?

This article may be a year old, but it is as relevant as ever: Attention, Nervous Parents in the Audience.

Covenant Prep Teaching Information Session TONIGHT!

Covenant Prep
Hartford, CT
Information Session
Wednesday, April 27, 2011
6:30 pm
Hogan Jenks Suite B (4th Floor)

The mission of Covenant Preparatory School of Hartford is to provide economically disadvantaged yet motivated boys in grades 5-8 from the Hartford area with a quality, tuition-free, private school education.

Covenant Prep provides students with an excellent academic preparation for secondary school and beyond.  Successful candidates will have the opportunity to teach and guide these deserving students.  Be a part of changing the direction of  young people’s lives.  While no teaching experience is required, demonstrated academic achievement and selfless motivation are essential.

Holy Cross Alums currently on staff: Patrick Moore ’03, Meara Weaver ’08, Katie Zakreski ’09, Brigid Cremin ’10, Meghan Dunne ’10

Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm
Apply via Crusader Connections
On-campus interviews: Thursday, May 5

Peace Out!

Have you wondered what life would be like for you as a Peace Corps Volunteer? Where would you live? What would you eat? What would your “work day” look like? Does your Holy Cross experience match with what Peace Corps is looking for?

Come find out what the Peace Corps experience is all about at this information session. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers will tell you what their time was like, then the session is yours to ask all those questions!

Today, Tuesday, April 26
Hogan Lobby
6:00 – 7:00 pm

CAREER EXPO for People with Disabilities, 4/29

Urgent Message to all Job Seekers with disabilities,

There will be a career fair hosted by CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine on Friday, April 29th from 10 am to 3 pm at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. If you have not yet pre-registered for the upcoming Boston Career Expo for People with disabilities, please do it today. Attending this career fair, will give you the opportunity to meet face- to- face with recruiters! This event is free to attend.

Your Career depends on it!

CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine’s
CAREER EXPO for People with Disabilities


FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011
10 am -3 pm)
Sheraton Boston Hotel

39 Dalton Street
, Boston, MA 02199


By Pre-registering and attaching your resume you will ensure that your resume appears on a disk that is given to all recruiters at the career expo and you will be able to enter the career expo faster than those who do not register online.
•You must be dressed in business attire when attending the Career Expo.
•Bring numerous, printed copies of your résumé to give to potential employers.
•Must be at least 18 years of age

Some of the many companies and government agencies that will be recruiting at this event:
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, The Walt Disney Company, ESPN, Inc., (Bronze Sponsor), Osram Sylvania, Prudential, Raytheon (Silver Sponsor), Wells Fargo Bank (Bronze Sponsor), General Dynamics-Electric Boat, IRS, Liberty Mutual, Lockheed Martin (Awards Sponsor), Amgen, Greater Boston Employment Collaborative, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Bronze Sponsor), National Security Agency, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Perkins School for the Blind, , MIT Lincoln Labs, National Credit Union, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Social Security Administration, State Street Bank,U.S. Dept. of State, U.S. Secret Service, Wellpoint, Transportation Security Administration, Army Contract Command, Commonwealth of Massachussets, Defense Contract Management Agency, The Veterans Administration, NAVAIR, Children’s Hospital of Boston, and many more.

Attend a free seminar at the career expo!
“How To Work A Career Expo As A Jobseeker”
Presented By: A nationally recognized career advice and recruiting expert
Hosted By: Osram Sylvania
The Corporate Process- Applicant Systems
Getting Ready: What to do before a career expo
The handshake: Everyone thinks theirs if fine
Career fair dynamics for 2011
Do a reconnaissance mission
Booth Speech
The appraoch
Some mistakes to avoid
After the fair

Seniors! This Week’s Deadlines & Events

This Week’s Deadlines & Events
April 25 – April 29, 2011

Welcome back!  Its the countdown to commencement!  Lots of jobs with deadlines this week!

Tuesday, April 26
Lobby Table: Peace Corps, Hogan 2 Lobby, 6-7 pm
Deadline: Apply via Crusader Connections
Teaching: Our Sisters’ School – AmeriCorps Classroom Teacher/Volunteer

Wednesday, April 27
Information Session: Covenant Preparatory School, Hogan Jenks Suite B (4th Floor) 6:30 pm
Deadline: Apply via Crusader Connections
Teaching: Covenant Preparatory School – Volunteer Teacher

Thursday, April 28
Lobby Table: U.S. Navy Medical Corps, Hogan 2, 11 am – 1 pm
Deadlines: Apply via Crusader Connections
Operations: Bridgewater Associates – Operations Associate
Training: eClinical Works – eCW Software Training Specialist – Trainer
Education: Ecotarium, Museum Educator – Business Development Lead
Customer Service: Fidelity Investments – Financial Representative
Sales/Recruiting: Lynx, Inc – Recruiting Associate
Medicine: Massachusetts General Hospital – Pulmonary Function Technician
Organizing: Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers – Community Healthcorps
Law: Mirick, O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee – Legal Administrative Assistants
National Security & Defense: National Security Education Program
Teaching: Nativity Preparatory School of New Bedford – Volunteer Teacher
Teaching: Portsmouth Abbey School – French/Spanish Teacher
Sales: Saint Gobain Abrasives – Industrial Technical Field Sales Representative
Teaching: Spirit of Knowledge Charter School – Teacher
Teaching: – Teacher
Sales: Zipcar – Inside Sales

Friday, April 29
Drop-in Session: Barton Associates, hosted by Kregory Hefner ’09.  Stop by any time between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm in Hogan 519 to learn about opportunities in Healthcare Recruiting & Staffing

Looking Ahead:
Plenty of employers are interested in hiring Holy Cross seniors!  Upcoming deadlines include:
Thursday, May 5
On-Campus Interviews: Covenant Preparatory School, Volunteer Teacher
Thursday, May 12
Application Deadline: Barton Associates – Sales, Recruiting
Tuesday, May 31
Application Deadline: Cyber-Ark Software – Customer Service
Apply via Crusader Connections for all these jobs

Congratulations to Liz Henry ’14 our lucky Facebook contest winner!

We’re available by appointment (M-F, 9 – 5 – call 508.793.3880 or stop by Hogan 203 to schedule) or visit us during drop-in hours, M-F, 1-4pm, no appointment necessary.

Don’t know what you want to do or where to start?
No Problem!  Set up an appointment by calling 508.793.3880 or stop by Hogan 203.