My Alumni Job Shadowing Experience at GMO

Name: Jack McCabe
Class Year: 2019
Major: Economics and English
Shadowing Visit Site: GMO

Describe your visit and what did you gain from the experience?

During my visit, I got the opportunity to visit a few different desks on the GMO trading floor. In the morning I first attended the daily meeting where the head of the floor talks about the goals for the day and any news that was going on within the company itself. I then was able to visit a derivatives desk where I was actually able to see a few trades in action. Later in the day, I got the opportunity to sit in on an equities desk and then later a commodities desk. From this experience, I was able to gain a wide perspective on the various roles that make a trading floor operate.

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans/goals?

This experience really translated into my future because I always knew that I wanted to go into business when I was older, but I was still unsure as to what I wanted to do in business. This day helped me decide that a career in finance was right for me.

What is some helpful advice your alumni host shared with you?

Some really helpful advice that my alumni host shared with me was the importance of networking if I wanted to pursue a career in finance. My host also helped me through some career advice and how to go through an interview process at a place like GMO.

Why would you recommend the Alumni Job Shadowing Program to other students?

I highly recommend the Alumni Job Shadowing Program to other students because you get the chance to build a close relationship with an alum from the college. Networking is key especially in a field like finance, so the more people you know the better. Also, the program is just a great experience for people that are still unsure as to what they want to do when they leave Holy Cross.

The deadline to apply to this year’s Winter Break Alumni Job Shadowing Program is October 20th! Learn more and apply in Crusader Connections.


Meet CrusaderIntern Lexi Tamburello

Meet Lexi Tamburello ’19 Accounting Intern at Dovetail Internet Technologies

Tell us about where you are interning and the kind of work you are doing.

I am interning at Dovetail Internet Technologies, a company located in Worcester that creates custom website solutions for businesses. At Dovetail, I work along-side the head accountant. I process account receivables and account payable, enter and analyze data in excel, and complete book-keeping tasks.

Give us an example of how you have applied your academic learnings to your internship?

Much of what I have learned in my accounting course has come to life in my internship. For example, I was able to understand first hand, rather than read in a textbook, how important a cash flow statement is.

What has surprised you about being an intern?

I was surprised how much I was able to learn in a summer long internship. Specifically, I was given tasks that were important and required responsibility. (ex. checks and contracts)

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans / goals?

From this experience, I have come to a greater understanding of what I want and what I do not want in my future career.

Any internship advice to pass on to other Holy Cross students?

Enter the internship with a positive attitude. Your experience is truly what you make it.

Be Ready To Work On Wall Street. Here Is How

Here are a few tips, must dos, recommendations, and a timeline too from Pam Ahearn, senior associate director for the Center for Career Development. Pam is the industry advisor for Financial Services, working within the Accounting, Finance, Consulting, Insurance and Real Estate Career Community. Pam works closely with alumni in the industry on the internship recruiting initiatives.

Q:  What should students interested in Wall Street know?

A: Financial Services is a very competitive industry.  If you want to work on Wall Street immediately following graduation, you must secure a summer analyst position your junior summer.  These summer analyst roles are incredibly competitive and Holy Cross is not a target school for the banks.

Q: How does a student secure one of these internships?

A:  Students interested in the industry can do many things to make themselves stronger candidates.

First and foremost, do well academically: GPA is the most likely the first thing the banks will look at on your resume.  Ideally your cumulative GPA will be a 3.5 or above.  Students from Holy Cross have landed successfully with a lower GPA, but you will do yourself a favor by maintaining a solid GPA.

Gain knowledge of the industry:  Develop knowledge of the industry and the specific area within the industry where you see yourself as a good fit, read the Wall Street Journal daily, have an understanding of the markets, know what is going on in current events, follow a stock, sit on a desk by shadowing an alumni (deadline for the summer program is April 18) or personal connection, and check out the Vault Guides in Crusader Connections. Be able to articulate this knowledge.

Show a demonstrated interest in finance:  Join the Finance Club, attend Finance Boot Camp through the Pre-Business Program (fall and/or spring break), act as treasurer of your club, shadow alumni, take quantitative courses at Holy Cross and do an internship where you hone your professional skill set (ideally within finance).  Be sure to tailor your resume to the industry.

Network:  Start with your peers who interned on Wall Street last summer. Ask them questions and learn more about what they did as a summer analyst. Contact young alumni at the banks to discuss your interests and goals.  Reach out to more senior alumni who have been on the job between 4-10 years.  Finally, have conversations with seasoned alumni in the industry once you have a solid understanding of your interests and skills, and you can articulate these effectively.  Please do not waste anyone’s time and always say thank you!

Attend events: Avail yourselves of opportunities both on campus and off campus. Attend the Holy Cross Finance Networking Reception in New York in December and the Holy Cross Finance Networking Reception in Boston on April 12, 2017.  Apply for *diversity initiatives (if applicable), apply for receptions and events hosted by the banks in Boston and New York, attend panels hosted by Career Development and Pre-Business. Many times these events are targeted towards first year and sophomore students. Log on to Crusader Connections daily to view opportunities.

Leadership skills and service: Get involved on campus. Work with a non-profit. Volunteer. Take on leadership roles as you progress at Holy Cross.

*Diversity on Wall Street = Women, students of color (Black, Latino/a, Native American), First Generation and students identifying within the LGBTQ community.

Q: Wow. There is a lot that goes into being successful in this industry. Do you have any other recommendations?

A: Not every student is going to be successful in their hunt for Wall Street. Definitely set that as your goal but know that there are lots of other opportunities within “finance” that might be an even better fit for you. Crusader Connections is our one stop shop for internships and full time jobs. Alumni are eager to hire Holy Cross students. Pay special attention to positions with #CHC (Crusaders Hiring Crusaders).

The trend this past fall was that the banks accelerated their recruiting efforts. Below is the timeline for the 2016-2017 academic year. I suspect that things will be accelerated again for the 2017-2018 academic year.  BE READY.


Deadlines in Crusader Connections and banks’ websites
Superdays (day-long interview at bank)
Networking events and diversity initiatives
Pam works with banks and other financial institutions to get positions posted in Crusader Connections