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Want to be a CFO? A liberal arts major is your ticket!

Do you want to be a CFO?  A finance or accounting major may not put you on the fast tack.  CFO’s need to be strategic.  They need to be critical thinkers.  They must have a world view.

Check out this blog post written by David Mccann for and read his explanation of why a liberal arts major lays the foundation for the most effective business leaders.

The power of YOUR alumni network

The Huffington Post highlighted Holy Cross’ own Jonathan Greenglass ’09 and Emmett Daly ’87 at Sandler O’Neill in a discussion about the value of networking with alumni.

Way to represent!

It is never too early to start networking.  Check out our Networking Guide and log in to the Career Advisor Network to identify alumni working in an industry, job or organization of interest to you.  You can even search by major!

Cover Letter Faux Pas

Add these tips to you top 10 list of things NOT to do when writing a cover letter.

From the Wall Street Journal Digital Network:
The Ten Worst Things to Put in Your Cover Letter by Sindhu Sundar