Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Feraud’15

Name: Patricia “Tita” Feraudpatricia

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: Sociology with Peace and Conflict Concentration

Industry: Graduate student at UPenn’s Higher Education Administration Program and graduate assistant at UPenn’s Civic House

Favorite Class:

Too many to choose from, but the top would be any classes with Professor Hobgood.

Campus Involvement:

CASA, MPE, Women In Business, Sociology and Anthropology Committee, Peer Mentor, Odyssey Leader, Student Life Committee, SAFER facilitator, Let’s Get Ready

College Internship/Work Experience:

Volunteered at Worcester Roots Project and Working for Worcester, and worked as a summer camp counselor at South Worcester Neighborhood Center’s and Tabor Academy Summer Program.

What were some of the most defining events/opportunities/aspects of your time at Holy Cross?

Attending and participating in Multicultural events provided me a safe space to grow as person, learn from my peers, and appreciate my culture. These events lead me to my current career path to Student Affairs professional. Most of my applied learning happened outside of class, at these events.

What is one thing someone should be certain to do before they graduate?

I would advise that everyone should attend at least one social justice retreat. Even if one is not in the path of doing civic work, one should be informed about one’s identity and placement in the world. The social justice retreat provides a safe space for everyone to engage in great dialogue about identity. If one has a greater sense oneself, then one will have an easier time in figuring out if a career is the best fit for oneself.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

If you attended Holy Cross, you are more than prepared for graduate school. If you have time management, critical-thinking skills, and public speaking skills, graduate school will feel like home for you.

What skills have you found most useful in your professional life that you attribute from learning at Holy Cross?

I did not realized how much of Holy Cross’ values are ingrained in me and influence the ways I view the world. Holy Cross taught me a lot about how to analyze texts and form my own opinions, writing effectively, and cura personalis. I realized that if I do not take care of myself holistically, I cannot function professionally to the best of my abilities.

What is the most important advice you could give a student on obtaining an internship or a job?

I would advise a student to do what they think they will enjoy or not sure if they are interested in to determine what they want to do in  the future. As a camp counselor, I learned that I did not want to go into teaching, but enjoyed my time as a counselor.

Alumni Spotlight: Kyler Canastra’14

Name: Kyler CanastraKyler

Graduation Year: 2014

Major: Spanish & History

Industry: Currently an English Teaching Assistant in León, Spain, planning to pursue a career in Education. Also, working as the Study Abroad Cultural Advisor for Holy Cross students in León.

Favorite Class: Either “Modern Spanish Drama” with Professor Freear-Papio, “Bilingualism in the Spanish-Speaking World” with Professor Alba-Salas or “French Revolutions” with Professor McBride

Campus Involvement: SPUD, Spring Break Immersion Leader, Arrupe Immersion Leader (Nicaragua), Bilingual Theater Troupe, Music Ministry, Student Advising Committee (Spanish Department), Pax Christi, Sound of St. James A Cappella Group, Foreign Language Assistant Cultural Liaison, Escape Retreat Leader, Study Abroad Ambassador

College Internship/Work Experience: Campus Ministry Internship: ESL teacher in New Bedford, MA, Mellon Summer Research in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts: Conducted research with Professor Alba-Salas

What were some of the most defining events/opportunities/aspects of your time at Holy Cross?

Some of the most defining opportunities that I had at Holy Cross were those in which I was able to leave Worcester and explore different places both close and far from campus. As both a sophomore and a senior, I was able to travel to Nicaragua through the Chaplain’s office, which allowed me to witness the global issues that many face around the world. This trip challenged me both spiritually and emotionally and allowed me to begin to understand the difficult realities that many face in other countries. I still remember the people that I met there and I continue remembering their stories years later. Nicaragua was not the only time I was able to travel internationally during my time on the Hill. I had the chance to study abroad my junior year in León, Spain. Not only did this experience help me to become fluent in another language, but it also taught me how to adapt to a different culture and way of life. By living with a host family and attending a foreign university, I found myself far out of my comfort zone. Although it seemed difficult at first, I grew as both a student and global citizen.

It may seem that most of my defining experiences as a Holy Cross student occurred in other countries; however, some of the most special moments of my undergraduate career are from my involvement as a volunteer with SPUD in Worcester. Throughout my time on campus, I volunteered in different positions including being an ESL teacher for local immigrants. By getting off campus once a week and leaving the worries and stresses of being a college student behind, I was able to engage with my local community and learn from those who also called Worcester “home.”

What is one thing someone should be certain to do before they graduate?

I think that every student should go on a Spring Break Immersion Trip at least once before they graduate. Before attending Holy Cross and learning about this opportunity, I had always imagined that I would either spend my Spring breaks home or traveling with friends. I never thought that I would go on a service trip. I did not go on Spring Break Immersion as a first-year student and I regretted it. I remember all of my friends coming back and raving about how much fun they had and how much the experience had impacted them. I signed up during my second year and the trip was unforgettable. Not only did I meet new friends on the trip, but I also learned the importance of service work and the impacts it has both on the volunteer and the local community. I was luckily able to lead a Spring Break Immersion trip my senior year and it is something I will never forget. Spring Break Immersion takes the many Jesuit values that you learn on campus and allows you to begin to apply them to your everyday life.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

Patience. Teaching is a such a rewarding experience; however, you always have to be accommodating and flexible in order to learn how to connect with your students. By moving to Spain and teaching English in a high school, I took a risk. Not only have I had to adjust to a foreign education system, but I had to learn how to connect with my students by using their second language and to make sure that they understood every word that I said. At first, it was very difficult. There were many long days where I questioned my decision to teach. However, after many weeks and months had passed, I began to learn what strategies worked best with my students and after a year here in Spain, I have found my experience to be very rewarding. Being a good teacher does not happen overnight. You have to take the time and connect with your students and analyze your teaching style in order to see improvements within your classroom.

What skills have you found most useful in your professional life that you attribute from learning at Holy Cross?

During my time on the Hill, I learned that it is necessary to be open-minded in any situation in order to achieve any goal. While you might have a specific idea in mind, you must be able to listen to your peers and adjust to their needs and suggestions. Living and working in a foreign country has challenged me to incorporate my own knowledge in the field of education through collaboration with my colleagues. It is almost as if I were back at Holy Cross working on a group project or presentation. Not only am I learning from my own experience, but I am also learning for the input and ideas of my fellow teachers. Holy Cross taught me to discuss and analyze any situation and I am grateful for this every day that I go into school.

What is the most important advice you could give a student on obtaining an internship or a job?

I would say that it is most important to be calm and willing to try new things when applying for a job and internship. We all want to plan our futures and have the “perfect” job that will make us happy, but I know from experience that we cannot live our lives in this manner. We have to be able to overcome any setback and learn from our mistakes and from what we are given in a particular moment. Work hard for what you want, but take risks and take advantage of the opportunities that you are presented with. When starting at Holy Cross, I never thought that I would end up being a teacher in Spain, but I am so grateful for taking chances and being open to new experiences.

Summer Internship Profiles: Claire Malone’17

Full Name: Claire MaloneClaire Malone

Internship Company: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Internship Position: Sales and Marketing

Internship Location: Hearst Tower- New York City

While looking for your internship, what services did you use at the Center for Career Development? 

Last Fall while researching summer internships I utilized the strong Holy Cross alumni network and identified the Cosmopolitan opportunity. While at the Women in Business conference, I was introduced to an executive from Cosmopolitan who is also a Holy Cross alum.  She has worked at Cosmo for a number of years and always likes to hire an HC student for the summer.  Before my Cosmopolitan phone interview, I spoke with Megan Chester in the Career Development Center who took me through a mock interview to help me prepare.


What skills did you gain from your internship experience and how have they added to your professionalism?

My experience this past summer at Cosmo has allowed me to not only further develop my knowledge of the sales and marketing industry, but also allowed me to sharpen my analytical and interpersonal skills.  Throughout the summer, I was responsible for analyzing a number of competitor magazines in order to establish how Cosmo can differentiate themselves within the industry.  Furthermore, collaborating with senior representatives in the development of sales presentations allowed me to establish professional relationships with those in the industry.

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans / goals?

Working at Cosmopolitan Magazine allowed me to further explore my interest in sales and marketing, as well as develop valuable life skills.  I was not only able to gain professional experience in the work force, but I also learned the ins and outs of New York City.  In the future, I plan to pursue my interest in this field by hopefully either working at a magazine or at an advertising agency.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to the future intern?

It is important to make the most out of the internship.  Cosmo has so much to offer and you will be working with so many interesting people on a daily basis.  Everyone in the office is extremely open and willing to answer any questions that you might have so take them up on that opportunity.  While my internship focused on sales and marketing, I encourage you to explore other departments such as editorial and layout in order to broaden your understanding of the magazine world.  These opportunities can really allow you to discover which section of the magazine best suits your personality.

Overall, what was your most exciting experience at your internship?

Working at Cosmopolitan Magazine was a dream come true.  The atmosphere of the office and the employees that I was surrounded with made each and every day new and exciting.  One of my favorite parts about the internship was the Cosmo U program.  Every Wednesday, the Cosmo interns would team up with the interns from Redbook and Seventeen to meet with people from the various departments within the magazine.  This was an amazing opportunity to not only meet new people, but to also see the different areas of the company.  Additionally, on the last day of the internship, the interns were invited into the Cosmo beauty closet to help themselves to the extras from the photo shoots!

How to Conduct an Effective Internship Search

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and winter break is just over four weeks away. What better time than now to start thinking about your summer internship search? For many students that can cause stress or panic. Where do I start? The Center for Career Development (CCD) is here to help! Follow these key steps to conduct an effective summer internship search.

First, you need to be able to articulate the type of internship you are looking for. Consider your strengths, interests, and passions. Then, align those with industries, fields, and/or the type of work you might enjoy doing. The Center for Career Development can guide you through this exploration process.  Stop in Hogan 203 or call 508-793-3880 to set up an appointment with a counselor.

Once you have an idea as to the type of internship experiences you are seeking, the first rule of thumb is: cast a wide net. There are many places and approaches to finding an internship. You should be deploying them all! The Center for Career Development markets many internships across all student populations. In fact, we posted over 600 internships last year! So, pay attention. A weekly internship newsletter is sent via email each Sunday afternoon from the CCD office. Make sure you’re reading that newsletter each week to target internships that might be of interest to you.

Utilize online resources! A number of resources to consider are:

  • Crusader Connections
  • Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) Internship Database
  • Idealist

Links to these site can all be found on the CCD website under Online Resources ( Use these job boards and sites to search for internships that align with your interest areas.

Network! Network! Network! The alumni community at Holy Cross is incredibly strong. Tap into that community as you search for an internship. Use the Career Advisors Network, which you can link to from the Online Resources page on the CCD website. Alumni within the Career Advisors Network have offered their time to talk to students about their careers. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Use LinkedIn to search for Alumni who are at companies or doing the kind of work you’re most interested in. Reach out and schedule time to talk with them. You can get some valuable advice and guidance from alumni who are in an industry or field of work that you aspire to!

For those of you considering unpaid or underpaid internships, limited funding is available. Visit the Summer Internship Funding page on our website to learn more ( The deadline to apply for funding is January 31st 2016.

You don’t have to go through this process alone. Career Development is here to help you. Don’t be a stranger! Stop into Hogan 203 or schedule an appointment so we can help you create a tailored internship search strategy. Put your time during winter break to good use!

(Written by Julie Draczynski)

10th Annual Women in Business Recap


     This past Saturday, the Coccia Office of Entrepreneurial Studies held the 10th Annual Women in Business Conference in the Hogan Ballroom.  The event is aimed at celebrating, honoring, and inspiring past and present Holy Cross women in their career endeavors.  The organizing committee, comprised Professor David Chu, Cassie Gevry, Kathy Lavalee and eight Holy Cross students, worked hard to prepare for a successful day.

    Kim Miles, the founder of Miles in Heels, attends conferences and helps the attendees to ‘get past hello,’ and kicked off the event with an icebreaker that allowed current students and alumni to find commonalities among their experiences at Holy Cross.  Each table was given a topic ranging from “favorite Holy Cross tradition” to “best urban legend.”  As a comedian, Kim provided commentary on each story and helped to create a welcoming atmosphere for all.  This activity allowed students and alumni to find a common ground and led to deeper conversations about life experiences and offered opportunities for professional career advice.

    Miles set the stage for the morning’s Keynote Speaker, Amy Bell, Holy Cross Class of 1988 and Deputy Editor of Vanity Fair Magazine.  Bell’s speech was empowering for many as she started by talking about her roots as an English Major at Holy Cross, the difficulties she experienced in Graduate School at New York University, and her entry level jobs in magazine publishing.  Each of these experiences led her to the work she has done at Vanity Fair Magazine.  The address was relatable to many, as she shared specific stories from her undergraduate life, how to make the transition into post graduate life, and answered questions about managing being a mother and a professional.  Throughout her speech, Bell reiterated the importance of making oneself an indispensable asset to a company by arriving to work early, staying late, and always giving one hundred and ten percent to assignments.  She attributes her success to this motto that she uses daily and encouraged the audience to follow this advice, as it makes employees stand out in the competitive work force.  Overall, Amy Bell’s speech was very well written, relatable, and offered many life lessons.

    Next, alumni and students chatted over lunch and socialized, which offered for great networking opportunities before the afternoon events.  At 2:00, students and alumni attended various alumni represented panels with topics ranging from “Ten Years Out:  Life After the Hill,” to “Building Your Personal Brand.”  I attended a session called “Corporate Etiquette,” which was run by three recent graduates, who are currently working for General Electric, including in Texas and Connecticut.  This session was very helpful, as Kellie, Lauren, and Whitney offered tips on correspondence, proper dress attire, and other situations that one commonly faces in the office.  Their insights, responses to questions, and stories about their time at Holy Cross were helpful in gaining new perspectives into life after Holy Cross.

    Overall, Women In Business was a success, as the speakers, alumnae support, and attendance by currents students created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with many intellectual conversations and new connections.  The record number of students in attendance, with fifty more than last year, reflects the strength and growth of the Women In Business program over the last ten years.

(Written by Sara McLean’17)

Summer Internship Profiles: Brendan Healey ’16

Full Name: Brendan Healey’16Brendan Healy

Internship Company: Ogilvy & Mather

Internship Position: Account Management Intern

Internship Location: New York, NY

While looking for your internship, what services did you use at the Center for Career Development?  

I have used the Center for Career Development since second semester Freshman year. So pretty much, I have used it for everything. I have had one-on-one meetings, drop-ins, workshops, etc. And they have all been excellent.

What skills did you gain from your internship experience and how have they added to your professionalism?

I gained a world of skills. First of all, simply being in a corporate office changes you, your demeanor, and really the way you carry yourself. While advertising, and O&M especially, is casual, it’s still a major office. You never know whom you’re standing next to, or riding the elevator with. And you work alongside people who have been in those environments for years. You have to elevate your skills. In terms of concrete skills, I learned and continue to learn how to create PowerPoint (“decks”). There is an art to them. I gained advertising-specific knowledge- processes, steps to take on different types of assignments.

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans / goals?

I would say this experience certainly influenced my career plans. Ogilvy is a major company, with offices in every part of the world. It’s one of the best ad agencies. It’s fast paced. People are smart. People are interesting. It pushes you to be at your best everyday. It’s impossible not to want to work there, or for that matter, in the advertising field in general.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to the future intern?

Be a great ambassador of Holy Cross. Get there before your bosses. Be passionate. Bring positive energy. Offer to help and speak up for work.

Overall, what was your most exciting experience at your internship?

The best part about my experience was winning the team competition at the end. We were divided into team of 5, assigned coaches (full time employees), and given a real assignment for a real Ogilvy client. We were tasked with creating a comprehensive marketing campaign for a mid-sized bank. Over the course of 6 weeks or so, we conducted extensive research, interviewed people in-person and via survey, and put together a plan for the bank. In the end won after presenting to a panel of judges: Ogilvy executives and clients from the bank. This was an awesome experience given that our team was composed of liberal arts students – Colgate, NYU, Barnard, and Howard, which validated the Holy Cross experience more than I could have ever expected.

Summer Internship Profiles : Marisa Carlson ’17

Full Name: Marisa Carlson

Internship Company: PepsiCoMarisa

Internship Position: Corporate Control Intern aiding Internal Reporting

Internship Location: White Plains/Purchase, NY

While looking for your internship, what services did you use at the Center for Career Development?  

I had my resume checked and did two mock interviews at the Career Development Center.

Are you involved in any of the COES clubs and/or programs? If yes, how did they help prepare you for your internship?

I am a part of the Women in Business Planning Committee ,which is where I had the opportunity to meet the Keynote speaker for the 2014 conference Anne Fink, who is a Holy Cross alumni and COO of PepsiCo Foodservice. I also met two other PepsiCo employees, who graduated from Holy Cross, that aided me in the interview process.

What skills did you gain from your internship experience and how have they added to your professionalism?

I gained both personal skills and professional skills this summer. I gained a better understanding of Accounting Information Systems, Excel, Ad-hoc capabilities and Financial Statement components. I also was able to sharpen my organizational and communication skills.

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans / goals?

I am an accounting major, so I will hopefully be able to return to PepsiCo or another major corporation after working for one of the Big Four accounting firms.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to the future intern?

The best piece of advice I got at PepsiCo was to make sure your work is accurate. If you have a spelling error on the first page of a report, all of your hard work may be disregarded. This one thing has stuck with me and is applicable to all aspects of life.

Overall, what was your most exciting experience at your internship?

I know it’s cliche, but the PepsiCo environment was probably the best part of my internship. I had a lot of fun participating in a wide variety of intern activities ( which I won’t spoil) and I also was able to learn and accomplish a lot. My manager gave me meaningful tasks and was there to help me succeed.