How to Conduct an Effective Internship Search

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and winter break is just over four weeks away. What better time than now to start thinking about your summer internship search? For many students that can cause stress or panic. Where do I start? The Center for Career Development (CCD) is here to help! Follow these key steps to conduct an effective summer internship search.

First, you need to be able to articulate the type of internship you are looking for. Consider your strengths, interests, and passions. Then, align those with industries, fields, and/or the type of work you might enjoy doing. The Center for Career Development can guide you through this exploration process.  Stop in Hogan 203 or call 508-793-3880 to set up an appointment with a counselor.

Once you have an idea as to the type of internship experiences you are seeking, the first rule of thumb is: cast a wide net. There are many places and approaches to finding an internship. You should be deploying them all! The Center for Career Development markets many internships across all student populations. In fact, we posted over 600 internships last year! So, pay attention. A weekly internship newsletter is sent via email each Sunday afternoon from the CCD office. Make sure you’re reading that newsletter each week to target internships that might be of interest to you.

Utilize online resources! A number of resources to consider are:

  • Crusader Connections
  • Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) Internship Database
  • Idealist

Links to these site can all be found on the CCD website under Online Resources ( Use these job boards and sites to search for internships that align with your interest areas.

Network! Network! Network! The alumni community at Holy Cross is incredibly strong. Tap into that community as you search for an internship. Use the Career Advisors Network, which you can link to from the Online Resources page on the CCD website. Alumni within the Career Advisors Network have offered their time to talk to students about their careers. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Use LinkedIn to search for Alumni who are at companies or doing the kind of work you’re most interested in. Reach out and schedule time to talk with them. You can get some valuable advice and guidance from alumni who are in an industry or field of work that you aspire to!

For those of you considering unpaid or underpaid internships, limited funding is available. Visit the Summer Internship Funding page on our website to learn more ( The deadline to apply for funding is January 31st 2016.

You don’t have to go through this process alone. Career Development is here to help you. Don’t be a stranger! Stop into Hogan 203 or schedule an appointment so we can help you create a tailored internship search strategy. Put your time during winter break to good use!

(Written by Julie Draczynski)