Tips for your best Finals Week EVER!!

The first snow of the year has officially fallen on campus. It wasn’t enough to go sledding down the hills of Mount St James but enough to remind us that winter is here. As classes come to an end this week and you begin preparing for finals, please consider these tips to ensure a successful finals period.

Start Early: A key to doing well during finals period is starting to prepare early. How else will you get that 20-page paper done and study for your 3 sit down finals? Don’t wait to the day before to start studying. A little each day will help avoid cramming the night before.

Get enough sleep: Avoid an all-nighter if possible. Getting enough sleep will help you stay fresh and alert. It also saves you from “the crash” after your finals are over so you can pack and get ready to go home.

Stay active: Get up and move around. Avoid sitting down and studying for hours upon hours. Take a break and go to the gym to help boost blood flow to the brain. Perhaps you might not have time for a full workout, but just getting out for fresh air and a quick cardio session might help you concentrate better when you return to your books.

Identify the best study method for YOU: We all learn in different ways. While studying alone in a quiet place might work for some, for others study groups work better. Figure out what works best for you.

Take breaks: Schedule time to take breaks and step away from your books. Take some time to recharge yourself and relax. Perhaps take a nap, have lunch in Kimball with a friend or go hang out at Coolbeans and grab some coffee or tea. Remember balance is key.

Find a place to study on campus: Finding the right place to study where you can concentrate and minimize distractions will be important. Take a walk around campus and consider places you have never been too. You’ll notice that Dinand fills up quickly during this time of the year.

Melisa Alves ‘06