Make Moves Towards Your Future Career

By: Emily Bowman ’17

It’s safe to bet that you have been asked, on more than one dreaded occasion, what your “plans” are for the summer/after graduation.  Perhaps it was during your most recent big family dinner when a prying uncle asked if you had started the job search yet. Or maybe it was the consistent subtle nags dropped by your mom every time she called you out for having not moved from the couch during winter break.  Either way, let’s face it, you all have an added on second semester stress, FINDING A SUMMER JOB OR INTERNSHIP.

Luckily, the Center for Career Development is an excellent place to go to start relieving this stress. With just one trip to the office, we guarantee you will feel self-assured enough to call your family and let them know you’re making moves towards a future career!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the job/internship search process.

It’s never too late to start looking.

Take a deep breath, relax, take another deep breath.  Don’t freak out if you feel behind on this whole process.  Chances are, almost everyone else feels the same way!  BUT, March is the most popular month for internships deadlines. Now is the time to start to seriously put in some effort before your options narrow down!

Bring your resume and/or cover letter to drop-in hours.

Don’t forget about the Career Office (Hogan 203)… it’s a wonderful resource for making sure all your application materials are top-notch. Swing by drop-in hours or make an appointment with a counselor to have your resume checked over and your cover letters polished.

Make a habit of checking Crusader Connections.

New job opportunities are posted on Crusader Connections almost every day.  It’s smart to get in the habit of checking the site regularly and making sure you’re aware of all upcoming deadlines.

It’s okay to be unsure.

Searching for a job does not mean you have to have your life figured out.  It’s totally fine and normal to be uncertain about where to apply.  In fact, one of the best things about internships and first jobs is that it gives you the opportunity to explore career options and narrow down your interests.

All too often, we find ourselves panicking about our job searches when in reality, we should be excited, not nervous.  This is a chance to discover a position that really calls on your passions, sparks your interests, and sharpens your skills.  Be proactive about the search, but definitely don’t let it stress you out!  For more words of comfort/votes of confidence, stop by the career office, Hogan 203 Monday-Friday 1-4pm.


How Your Cool Beans Coffee Order Can Predict Your Future Career

By Emily Bowman ’17

As college students, we can all relate to the importance of a daily coffee-fix. But can our Cool Beans order actually reveal something about our potential future careers as well? Probably not but it’s fun to theorize!

You are always eager to be caught up in something exciting and spontaneous.  At Cool Beans, you’re likely to opt for a milkshake because, why not?!  It’s definitely the most fun item on the menu, and you’re all about fun.  You’ve probably thought about careers in the Entertainment, Fashion or Sports industries, or maybe considered pursuing an art career.

Large Coffee, extra shot of espresso
You are detail-oriented and super hard working, and you’re probably thinking about a career in Consulting, Finance, or Accounting.  Late nights in the lib barely even faze you at this point.  Caffeine has become a part of your bloodstream, so your go-to is a large coffee, often with an extra shot of espresso.

Green Tea
You’re passionate about helping others, so your drink of choice should be no less beneficial.  You’re probably drawn to careers in Education, Non-Profit, or Human Services because you’re eager to make the world a better place.  Nothing is more Zen or positive-energy inducing than Green Tea!  Plus the health benefits are undeniable.

As someone interested in International Relations, you probably studied abroad in Europe.  Consequently, you can often be found ordering cappuccino’s from Cool Beans in an attempt to satisfy your worldly tastes.

You don’t need caffeine to be energized.  Your health-conscious ways sway you towards the smoothie menu at Cool Beans.  Likewise, you’re drawn to careers in the Health Professions or Life Sciences so you can help others achieve healthy lifestyles as well.

Iced Chai Latte
You have a strong creative side, making you perfect for careers in Marketing, Media, Communications, or Advertising.  You’re always thinking outside the box and you love to be different, which extends to your coffee choices.  Iced Chai Lattes fit your unique personality!

Iced Coffee
Technology, Engineering, and the Physical Sciences are your calling because you love to figure things out and deal with problems in a factual, concrete way.  Iced Coffee fits your no-nonsense persona while also satisfying your caffeine need!

#CrusaderIntern: Douglas Elliman

Name: Tyson Youngs ’17
Title: Broker’s Intern
Organization: Douglas Elliman

What were you up to this past summer?
This past summer I worked as a Broker’s Intern in Manhattan at Douglas Elliman, the largest residential real estate firm in Metropolitan New York.  The broker who I interned with focused primarily on new developments, but also brokered smaller deals, such as single-family sales and leases.  Without an agents license, it was hard for me to completely shadow my broker as there are issues with legality and confidentiality, but I tried to fully immerse myself in the day-to-day operations of a real estate broker in NYC.

It is hard to describe a typical day, because every day was so different. Some days I would work from 10am-2pm, and other days I would work from 8am-7pm.  It all depended on how much needed to be done on each individual day.  As most agents and brokers are independent contractors, there is no set schedule, and daily activities vary based on a client’s needs.  This means, if a client calls Monday night at 9pm and wants to see a few condos the next morning at 8am, you better be prepared, otherwise, you might not have that client anymore.

The fast passed, flexible schedule was something that I really enjoyed.  Doing something completely different every day helped me learn a plethora of new skills, and it kept my energy high throughout the summer.

What was your favorite part?
The median sales price in NYC is just over $1,000,000.  For the most part, as a top 75 broker in NYC my boss was brokering deals well over this amount.  It was awesome to meet the people he was doing business with, and to see the places that amount of money can buy.  It further fueled my passion for real estate, and motivated me to continue to learn and become the best agent, and eventually broker, that I can be.

I also enjoyed roaming the streets of New York City.  Whenever my boss would give me an errand, I would be excited to explore a new section of the concrete jungle.  I felt as though I was unlocking a map, and by the end of the summer, I knew my way around the city.  It was also helpful in learning the different neighborhoods of NYC, as this will prove to be a vital skill when I return to the city after graduation.

What surprised you?
I was surprised by the amount of fun I had at work.  I knew I would have fun when I had time off, but I didn’t expect that I would thoroughly enjoy going to work every day.  I was excited to see that I had such a passion for this particular job, and the entire industry.  I’m obviously sad about leaving Holy Cross, but I could not be more excited to be going back to New York and begin my new career.

#CrusaderIntern: Coach


Name: Lilly Pearce ’17
Title: Global Merchandising Intern
Company: Coach (Coach is looking for summer interns – apply by March 1, 2017 – apply now)


What did you do during your summer internship:

I started working in the Global Merchandising (Outlet Leather Goods) department for Coach New York.  In a nutshell, merchandising involves the promotion of sales through a variety of strategies.  So far, I’ve been able to learn more about the inner workings of the department and also the larger processes of the company.  Our department specifically focuses on promoting the sale of women’s handbags.  I have attended an assortment of meetings that have involved brainstorming, sales strategy, and analysis of sales.  I’ve also been learning about the different types of handbags, including the differences in construction and material, and how they are cataloged.  In addition to this, we have been working extensively with excel and other creative programs to organize, create, and reference assortments.  I have been able to help organize and pull samples to bring to the showroom where professional photos are taken to market each new collection.

Favorite part:
I really enjoyed working with the merchandising team! It’s a small group of women who have been very helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve also really enjoyed the trend forecasting project I’ve been working on for next fall. Since the collections for each season are released in advance to the actual season, the creative process has to start early on.  It’s really interesting to research trends as well as our competitors to learn more about the creative process.

Something that has surprised you:
There is so much work that goes into assembling a successful collection for an upcoming season.  From predicting future trends in fashion, to studying the previous success of certain silhouettes. It’s a very complicated process. It’s really cool to see all the hard work manifest itself in all the stores globally! There is a ton of creativity, perseverance, and talent at Coach. In addition to this, it has been fascinating and eye-opening to learn more about what certain consumers in different parts of the globe look for in a handbag. A bag that sells well here may not be as successful for Coach China, for example. I definitely wasn’t expecting the handbag market to be so diverse!