Make Moves Towards Your Future Career

By: Emily Bowman ’17

It’s safe to bet that you have been asked, on more than one dreaded occasion, what your “plans” are for the summer/after graduation.  Perhaps it was during your most recent big family dinner when a prying uncle asked if you had started the job search yet. Or maybe it was the consistent subtle nags dropped by your mom every time she called you out for having not moved from the couch during winter break.  Either way, let’s face it, you all have an added on second semester stress, FINDING A SUMMER JOB OR INTERNSHIP.

Luckily, the Center for Career Development is an excellent place to go to start relieving this stress. With just one trip to the office, we guarantee you will feel self-assured enough to call your family and let them know you’re making moves towards a future career!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the job/internship search process.

It’s never too late to start looking.

Take a deep breath, relax, take another deep breath.  Don’t freak out if you feel behind on this whole process.  Chances are, almost everyone else feels the same way!  BUT, March is the most popular month for internships deadlines. Now is the time to start to seriously put in some effort before your options narrow down!

Bring your resume and/or cover letter to drop-in hours.

Don’t forget about the Career Office (Hogan 203)… it’s a wonderful resource for making sure all your application materials are top-notch. Swing by drop-in hours or make an appointment with a counselor to have your resume checked over and your cover letters polished.

Make a habit of checking Crusader Connections.

New job opportunities are posted on Crusader Connections almost every day.  It’s smart to get in the habit of checking the site regularly and making sure you’re aware of all upcoming deadlines.

It’s okay to be unsure.

Searching for a job does not mean you have to have your life figured out.  It’s totally fine and normal to be uncertain about where to apply.  In fact, one of the best things about internships and first jobs is that it gives you the opportunity to explore career options and narrow down your interests.

All too often, we find ourselves panicking about our job searches when in reality, we should be excited, not nervous.  This is a chance to discover a position that really calls on your passions, sparks your interests, and sharpens your skills.  Be proactive about the search, but definitely don’t let it stress you out!  For more words of comfort/votes of confidence, stop by the career office, Hogan 203 Monday-Friday 1-4pm.