Turkeys need Cover Letter’s too!

So it is the week before ThanksgivinBreak!

A great time for food, family and football. (Wooo!) But before we go, your friends in Hogan 203 have some news to share concerning our old buddy Thomas the turkey.

For those who have never met Thomas, he’s a professional Turkey who comes out every November to remind students to use their break by applying to jobs & internships!

Thomas has applied to his one big gig of the year, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Check out his cover letter below and be sure to check out how it matches up with the resume he made last using this link –> http://careerplanning.me.holycross.edu/2012/11/

So in the spirit of the holiday, take a look at Thomas Turkey’s resume and see how yours shapes up in comparison!

Thomas Turkey

1843 Your Dinner Table Road                          




Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Inc.

Float Model Manager

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2013

New York, NY


Dear Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Inc.:

Ever since I was a younger turk, my family praised the joy of Thanksgiving. Having the opportunity to be out on the float and share that experience with viewers all around the world is a task I would be honored to do. Timmy Turkey, Director of Turkey Relations suggested that I contact you regarding the open Float Model position available at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2013. My educational background at Holy Cross, along with my professional experience as a Turkey, makes me an excellent candidate for this position.

I have more than 5 years of experience in the field of float modeling . My resume shows that I have been consistently volunteering at Big Turkey, Little Turkey since 2009. While volunteering there I mentored young turkeys and last year I lead an entire 5K race right down Madison Ave for underprivileged turkeys and raised $2000. The experience of planning such a successful and charitable event was a direct result of my commitment to professional excellence . In my spare time while at Holy Cross, I was editor of the weekly newspaper titled, The Crusader. I created a “Vegan Corner” column in the paper for students to participate in healthier eating choices while at the college. This healthy lifestyle column reflects my passion for maintaining a nice figure around the holidays. I do not want this position solely due to my ability to look good on a dinner plate. My years of experience coupled with my passion for exuding thanksgiving culture well qualify me for the float model position in the Macy’s parade.

I look forward to meeting you to further discuss employment opportunities with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2013. If you have questions, or if you want to schedule an interview, please contact me at tomturkeytastebetter@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thomas Turkey

What Not to Wear Edition: Don’t let your wardrobe SPOOK your Employers!

Muhahahahaaa! It is the week of Halloween and all across the hill students may hear the cry’s from the ghost of “What Not To Wear”...who Howls in the night at the thought of Holy Cross students wearing  ridiculous outfits to professional events.


Soooo to avoid having the ghost of “What Not To Wear” haunt  you in

your dreams, let’s use this opportunity to have a refresher on the basics of dressing to impress.


First things first…the Ghost has something major to say NOOO jeans, NO sneakers, NO flip-flops, NO excessive jewelry and NOOOO bodily piercings or marks  are recommended for dressing for success. You’re welcome to dress in these articles before and after the interview/event but absolutely not during!

For an interview, the ghost has a general rule of thumb “you can never be overdressed.” You only have a short period of time to be assessed by the potential employer and you best make it work! Important to remember that you’re being assess on more than just your outfit. While you want to convey professionalism through your dress, you don’t want to be remembered for having spent too long putting together an outfit but being under qualified for the job.

Here are the basics for putting together your wardrobe before an occasion.

(If you already own these items, GREAT!…If not, you may want to make some effort to at least have one set of professional clothes in you closet just in case you are ever asked to throw it on.)

Men: (Fairly Simple)

  • 1 Basic suit with neutral color and white button down shirt.
  • Simple Tie neutral colored
  • DARK colored socks (Don’t Let the Ghost catch you wearing WHITE)
  • Leather dress shoes


  • Conservative Dress/skirt (Knee-Length) or ironed business slacks with a blouse
  • NO LOUD colors! (this includes any jewelry, nails and hair)
  • Limit the perfume & amount of jewelry on hands/neck
  • Simple hairstyle (Nooo fixing hair during interview!)
  • Simple heels or flats (No dancing heels!)

Outside of an interview setting, it is very important to remain professionally dressed in the workplace. You may see the term “Business Casual” in some places as the desired attire for a particular event or occasion. It is important to also understand what this means so you’re not too casual.

Though business casual does blend the personal with the professional it really exists to make people feel more comfortable and be their most productive!

For Men: business casual usually means skipping the suit jacket and tie for a simple look that consist of a pressed collared shirt, usually tucked in a pair of dress pants all complemented nicely with a belt.

For Women: generally women can wear any type of skirt or dress with a hem that is past the knee or a tailored pair of dress pants with a blouse that isn’t too revealing. Closed-toed shoes are recommended, though heels and flats are always acceptable.

Although it may seem like we are trying to quash your self-expression…Were not!  There are many ways to dress professionally and still incorporate your own style. Remember that dressing conservatively does not mean you cannot be stylish! You just want to make sure that the interviews remember you because of you r great answers,not your weird appearance. We gave you the basics now go out there and put it all together in a way that best represents who you are to your potential employer!

For tips on ways to “Stand Out From the Crowd” visit http://www.midwestsearchgroup.com/interview-tips

Happy Halloween Holy Cross!

 And be sure to get your wardrobe in place for Trick or Treating! 


Think you’re a good flirt?

In talking with friends about job/internship interviews, the number one thing people mention is the nerves.

It makes sense: you’re trying to remember everything you can about the company, to fit your best experiences into the interviewer’s questions and you’re sitting uncomfortably to disguise the stain on your shirt from the coffee you spilled in Cool Beans pre-interview.


It’s a lot to think about, but I think the trick to interviewing well is to take a step back and remember this secret:

If you can flirt, you can interview.






































Flirting is all about letting the other person know you’re interested, while appearing interesting yourself. You’re trying to persuade them that you would be a great match without jumping over the table and screaming “CHOOSE MEEEEEEEE!” (Note: desperation does not read well in either professional or social settings.)

Bottom line: you want to let the other party know that you think they got it goin’ on, while letting them know that you got it goin’ on too.

Interviewing is the same thing.

Obviously, your tone, language, content and attire should be different in both situations. Batting your eyelashes, talking about your favorite “That’s What She Said” joke and wearing your latest Forever 21 minidress may work on any given Thursday at Overtime Tap, but a professional  suit and knowledge of the industry are going to get you a lot further in the board room.

That being said, you do want to let your personality show through in an interview.  You don’t want to come off as buttoned up as your suit; you want to show that you’re a real,  interesting, likable person who is not only a great candidate, but would make a great coworker.  Most often recruiters want to hire people that they want to work with.

So how can you translate your flirting skills into interview ones? Some general pointers:

  1. Smile and look the interviewer in the eye. Simple. Effective.
  2. Take your time. If you need a minute to think about a question, simply say “That’s a good question. Let me think about it for a moment.” There’s no harm in pausing. It’s better to collect  your thoughts than to end up rambling for 10 minutes about something off topic. (Ever have this happen to you on a date? It’s uncomfortable.)
  3. Dress up. Again, you get ready for a night out; do same thing for an interview. Just make sure to leave anything you’d wear to the bars stays at home. Tips for guys and girls work-appropriate dress here.
  4. Humor (when appropriate) is good. You have to read the situation with this one; if your interviewer seems welcoming, adding a lighthearted story about your crazy commute at your previous internship (for example) adds another layer of depth to your application. People like people who make them laugh.
  5. Pretend you’re Kanye West. Fake confidence until you feel it. Tap into your inner Kanye for inspiration to be your most confident self. Note that there is a fine line between confident and cocky. Yes you are a great candidate; no you are not God’s gift to accounting/marketing/nonprofits. Remember, likability is important too!
  6. Ask questions. Everyone likes to talk about themselves.  Prepare some questions to ask ahead of time so you’re not at a loss for when the interviewer turns questioning over to you.
  7. Follow up. If you like someone, you’d text or call after to say you enjoyed talking with them, right? Same thing goes with interviews. Send a thank you note or email within 24 hours of the interview and mention something specific you talked about to personalize it further.

Follow these tips and gain confidence to nail that interview! Who knows, you may work up the courage to finally ask out the hottie in your Sociology class as well!

. . . . . . . . .
Want to put these tips to work before the big interview? Schedule a mock interview with Career Planning.

Seniors: This Week’s Deadlines and Events!!

The jobs keep coming in!  Employers are hiring!

Tuesday, April 5
Deadlines: Apply via Crusader Connections

  • Consulting: Kantar Retail – Client Service Analyst; Project Analyst: Business Analytics; Project Analyst: Shopper Insights; Research Associate
  • Education:  Readak Educational Services – Teacher (On-Campus Interviews 4/18)

Thursday, April 7
On-Campus Interviews: Insight Global, Inc. (Recruiting)  Good Luck!

  • Development/Fundraising: The Worcester Roots Project – Fundraising and Research Coordinator

Looking Ahead:
Plenty of employers are interested in hiring Holy Cross seniors!
Upcoming deadlines include:
Tuesday, April 12
City Bridge Foundation, Program Assistant – Perfect for those of you interested in education but not in teaching!

Thursday, April 14
Bowditch & Dewey, LLP, Business & Finance Practice Area – Law
Cyber-Ark Software, Associate Technical Account Manager – Software Implementation
Peoplecube, Junior Implementation Consultant – Software Implementation
Willis Group, Benefit Associate – Insurance Brokerage

Monday, April 18
US Commission on International Religious Freedom, Joseph R. Crapa Fellowship – Research

Tuesday, April 19
CBI Research, Conference Program Manager – Event Planning

Thursday, April 21
Oracle Direct, Business Development Consultant – Sales

Friday, April 22
Eze Castle Software, Business Consultant, Leadership Development Program, Software Developer

Tuesday, April 26
Peace Corps, Volunteer – Lobby Table Hogan 1

Thursday, April 28
National Security Education Program – National Security & Defense

Friday, April 29
Barton Associates, Drop-in session hosted by Kregory Hefner ’09.  Stop by any time – Healthcare Recruiting & Staffing Firm

Apply via Crusader Connections for all these jobs

We’re available by appointment (M-F, 9 – 5 – call 508.793.3880 or stop by Hogan 203 to schedule) or visit us during drop-in hours, M-F, 1-4pm, no appointment necessary.

Don’t know what you want to do or where to start?

No Problem!  Set up an appointment by calling 508.793.3880 or stop by Hogan 203.