How to Use Easter Break to Advance Your Career

Easter break is one of gems of Holy Cross: how many other schools do you know which get almost a whole week off? The weather is finally good (usually), the semester is almost over (finally), and it’s the perfect opportunity to start advancing your career (say what?!).

That’s right.

Think about it, none of your friends will be home for the week and there’s a finite number of times exploding Marshmallow Peeps in the microwave is exciting (approximately the same number as Peeps you have). Take advantage of this free time to do a little career advancement!

Some ideas:

Search: Still no internship or job? There are dozens of internships available on Crusader Connections right now waiting for you! According to Pamela Ahearn, Director of the Summer Internship Program, “Employers are reaching out to our office daily to advertise their open positions. They are specifically targeting Holy Cross students for these opportunities.” While some internships are restricted to students in the Summer Internship Program, many are not. Search the site to see what opportunities may be of interest to you!

Job shadow: Real people don’t have the week off. Maybe you hit it off with a local HC alumnus you found in the Career Advisory Network or your mom’s coworker’s husband’s best friend has what sounds like your dream job–ask if you could shadow them for a day. There is no better way to learn if you’ll like a job than to try it out!

Volunteer: Still having withdrawal from your Spring Break Immersion Trip? Volunteering is a great way to spend your free time. Food pantries and soup kitchen always need extra help around the holidays, but think outside the box about opportunities which could play off your interests. Environmental Studies concentrator? Join in restoring a park for a day. Love to draw? Create some cards for a nursery home. Check out for more ideas.

Clean up Your Resume: …You do have one, right? If so, take some time to edit it and make sure your most amazing achievements and interests are listed. Don’t have one? Write one! You’ll need it eventually. Use this easy-to-follow guide and don’t forget to bring it by Career Planning after break for some one-on-one advice.

Reward: After all of your hard work, you deserve to take a break with your family and to relax with some Cadberry Eggs, Starburst Jelly Beans or Marshmallow Peeps!

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