Happy Valentine’s Day!

The holiday of hearts has rolled around once again. Whether you are planning something romantic, headed to the theaters to see Safe Haven with a box of tissues or are happily apathetic to V-day, we think you’ll enjoy a few career topics related to this notorious holiday.

1.) “We Found Love in the Workplace” via CareerBliss

We found love in a hopeless place.   According to CareerBliss, the workplace is not a place devoid of romantic opportunities. The 6 featured couples demonstrate how everything from a mutual love of quinoa to activities on a company retreat sparked romance between co-workers. Check out their stories and, who knows, maybe you’ll meet your special someone in a future career venture!

2.) “It’s Valentine’s Day…Go Hug Your IT Guy” via Forbes

Forbes proclaims Valentine’s Day isn’t merely a day to show love to family and friends… share the love with your co-workers too! As another opportunity to pay it forward, reach out to someone and make someone’s day with a simple compliment. If you really want to stay true to the article, head to HC’s IT department and let them know you appreciate their work!

3.) “Networking is like Dating: 6 ways to succeed in both arenas” via PR Daily

It’s all about who you know, right? Check out the 6 witty ways Samantha Hosenkamp of PR Daily connects successful networking and dating opportunities. Basic idea: Put your best foot forward!

4.) “10 Jobs Where you’re most likely to Fall in Love” via Huffington Post

Want to see if your career path could be pointed towards a romantic job? Here are a few to start: #10 Computer & Information Managers, #9 Mechanics Managers, #8 Human Resources Specialists. Make sure you follow the link to see the rests of the vocations and which job snagged the number one spot!

5.) “Happy Valentine’s Day Playlist” via Career Builder

Sometimes, all you need is a good old fashioned V-day playlist. Career Builder put together a Spotify playlist to get you in the holiday spirit!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ho Cro!