Navigate your way through the Career Planning site

Here at Holy Cross, you’ve probably been encouraged to take advantage of college resources on many different occasions, whether it be using the online Moodle site for class or the SaderLink site for groups & organizations. However, this post is here to inform you about another great online resource worth taking advantage of… the Career Planning site!

This post is meant to reacquaint you step by step with the services and resources offered virtually by the Career Planning site.

Step 1: Log on to You should see –> Career Planning Center Step 1

Play attention to the areas within the red box

  • “Online Resources” [Top Left]
  • “See Also” Links       [Top Right]
  • Calendar,Facebook,Twitter,Blog Links [Bottom Left]


Online Resources

Step 2: Click “Online Resources“. You should see ->

  • First on the top left corner, you will find our “Self-Help Guides. These packets will take you step-by-step through the process of developing your resume, writing a cover letter and learning skills to help you score a dream internship or job. This is the place to start learning how to develop your professional profile!

All of these guides plus more are also offered in print at the Career Planning Center in  Hogan 203

  • “Online Workshops” are in the top right corner. Here you’ll find Powerpoints that deal with specific situations such as the different types of interviews you may encounter. While the first section centers on more general advice, this is the place to look for tips when you’ve narrowed down the companies you’re applying for.

Step 3: External Links

Now it’s time to tackle the bottom section of “External Links.” All of these links provide helpful information about potential career paths or current internship/job opportunities. Yes! ALL of these links are here to guide you in your job search whether it be in the states or abroad, in your major or something you’ve never thought of…Trust me!

They’re worth checking out!

  • Still not sure where your career path is heading? (P.S. No one really is)
  1. Search by Major on this site.
  2. Considering Abroad?  Head to
  • Ready to gain experience? Search for specific internships:
  1. Liberal Arts Career Network: Visit->LACN (Sign in via Crusader connections)
  2. Broaden your search: here [Glassdoor]
  • Know what career field you want to pursue? Look for specific jobs:
  1. Considering Non-profits? Check this site out.

Step 4: CRUSADER CONNECTIONS In under 1-minute!

Now that you know the basics…Here’s the inside scoop on how to navigate Crusader Connnections

There are dozens of internships and jobs available on Crusader Connections for students of all class years and majors. While some positions are restricted to specific class years or to the  Summer Internship Program, many are not.  Search the site to see what opportunities may be of interest to you!

Directions for using Crusader Connections [Updated from previous years]

The URL for Crusader Connections is:

Build your Profile

– Click on My Profile tab in top navigation bar, complete required fields, and choose Save Changes & Continue

– Click on Personal and update contact information, class year, etc . Save changes.

– Click on Academic and update.  Save changes.

– Click on Privacy Settings and update (Choose ‘yes’ for faster notifications of job postings).

Upload Necessary Documents (resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, etc.)

– Click on My Documents tab in top navigation bar

– Click on Add New at the bottom of the page

– Enter a document title in the Label field

– Click on Browse button, select a file to upload and then click the Submit button

– Repeat  steps 1-3  for other documents

Apply for Job

– Click on Jobs/Internships tab or the Employers tab in the top navigation bar.  (For fewer results, choose Crusader Connections Jobs)

– Use the Keyword search

– Click on the Apply button

– You will be directed to find your Necessary Documents in the drop-down

– Highlight the appropriate name and Submit the required documents

– A green screen will appear to indicate that you have successfully applied to the job.


Interested in applying for a position you found?

Stop by the Career Planning Center‘s drop in hours, M-F 1-4pm to have your required documents checked out!

**If accessing any of the above links off campus, sign on to Crusader Connections & go to “Career Resources” box**

Now it’s time to use these resources &  start your Career Search!

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