What is a Career Community?


Interested in a particular industry or multiple industries? Want to receive emails from the Center for Career Development that are tailored to your interests? Then join a Career Community!

What are Career Communities?

Career Communities connect students to specific, tailored industry resources and programs to effectively explore career paths, identify and apply to opportunities and cultivate personal networks that shape their professional journey. The different communities include:

Arts, Fashion, Sports & Entertainment
Consulting, Finance, Accounting, Insurance & Real Estate
Education, Nonprofit, Human Resources
Government, International Affairs, Law
Health Professions, Public Health, & Life Sciences
Marketing, Communications, Media & Advertising
Technology, Engineering, & Physical Sciences

What do I get by joining a Career Community?

By joining a Career Community, or multiple communities, you are taking a big step in your path to finding the job or internship that is perfect for you! Some of the perks of joining include:

• Counseling
• #CrusaderIntern Student Leaders
• Tailored Workshops
• Email Newsletters
• Alumni Events
• Employer Engagement

Can I join more than one Community?

Yes, join as many as you want! Make sure that all your interests are covered.

How do I join?

It takes just 5 minutes! Start by logging onto Crusader Connections.
• Click preferences on the left-hand menu then choose Academic & Career.
• Scroll down and choose one or more Career Communities!
If you have any more questions stop by the Center for Career Development during Drop-in Hours: Monday- Friday 1-4 PM and Wednesday 10-12 PM.