How Do I Get A Job Or Internship?

By Casey Rooney ’18

This question comes up often in the Center for Career Development by students in all class years. The trick is that there is no one path for every student to take in order to secure a job or internship. While each path is different, here are some guidelines to help you with your search!

  1. NetworkingHaving a strong network is one of the most important tools when searching for a position. You must build this network over time by attending alumni events, creating a LinkedIn profile, and engaging with employers. When the time comes leverage this network! 
  2. Search and Apply. Be on the lookout for internship and job deadlines throughout the semester! Use Crusader Connections as well as other search engines to find the position that is right for you. Come by Hogan 203 to get your resume and cover letter looked at before submitting! 
  3. Interview. If invited for an interview do your research! Know about the company and the individuals that will be interviewing you. Schedule a mock interview with Career Development to help prepare. 
  4. Thank you. Be sure to send a thank you note or email to anyone you met with within 24 hours of the interview! This important step can set you apart from the other candidates. 
  5. Negotiation. If offered the position be prepared to negotiate benefits and salary. Stop by the Career Development Center and talk to a counselor for guidance!