Meet Alum Alex Bonano ’17, Admissions Associate & 9th Grade Health Teacher

Meet Alum Alex Bonano ’17, Admissions Associate &  9th Grade Health Teacher at Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School


Name: Alex Bonano
Class Year: 2017
Current Title/Employer: Admissions Associate & 9th Grade Health Teacher/Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School

In one sentence, what does your job entail?
It entails providing families with alternative options for their student’s educational future, while also guiding these students academically and personally.

What planned and unplanned events connected you to your industry and your first employer after Holy Cross?
Being a graduate of Cristo Rey Boston High School, I understood that if I wanted to participate in a year or two of service if it would have to be for the Cristo Rey Network. I applied for a position at Cristo Rey Manhattan and they gave my information to Cristo Rey Brooklyn. I received a phone call the day of my commencement, just moments before the procession and the rest is history.


How did you learn/decide it was a good fit for you?

I didn’t learn or decide that it was a good fit for me, because it felt like a good fit for me. Visiting the school, meeting with the students and experiencing the sense of community is what made me come to my decision.

What were you involved in when you were on campus?
I participated in a little bit of everything, but these were some of my main leadership positions. I served on the Executive Board of LASO for three years and was the Co-Chair during my second year. Additionally, I served as a Resident Assistant in Alumni Hall and then later as a Student Resident Director for Carlin Hall. Lastly, I was a mentor in the Peer Mentor Program and Writing Fellow for the Writer’s Workshop. I also participated in the Magis program before its discontinuation.

What was your major and how did it affect your career decisions?
My major was Latin American & Latinx Studies. It did not really affect my career decisions. I never thought that I would end up in Education and I am not necessarily using what I studied in my job. However, the courses that I took during my time as a LALS major, equipped me with the knowledge to better articulate and comprehend my lived experiences and the experiences of my students that I currently teach and mentor.

What are one or two skills that you developed at Holy Cross that you use in your work?
Time allocation and prioritization are two skills that I have developed during my time at HC. Because I have two very distinct positions at my current job, I have to know how to maximize my productivity so that I can utilize my time wisely. This is done by assessing how much time an assignment takes while also making sure to effectively prioritize my tasks. I juggled a lot of different responsibilities while at HC that also had varying time commitments. With that being said, I definitely utilize those skills now.

What advice do you have for students on campus today?
Do not hesitate to make yourself available to opportunities that may not be in your intended industry. Additionally, place an extreme importance on shadowing job sites and also place an importance on first impressions on the employer’s behalf. We often hear as potential employees that we need to have great first impressions, but the same is very much true for employers.