Bridget Kelly ’18 on the Importance of Networking Events

Bridget Kelly ’18 on the Importance of Networking EventsĀ 

Describe your experience at the Healthcare, Medicine & Science Industry Night?

I was unable to attend the Healthcare, Medicine & Science Industry Night but I saw the flyers posted around the Biology building advertising which alumni would be in attendance and some information on their current career.

How did this experience influence or connect to your future career plans/goals?

I recognized a familiar face on the flyers, Heidi Boland. We had Neurobiology together my sophomore year/her senior year and I knew we were both Biology majors and Neuroscience minors. I read on the flyer that she is employed at Mass General Hospital as a Clinical Research Coordinator so I reached out to her as I had been applying for this position in various departments at MGH. She was more than willing to pass on my resume to her superiors, as well as give me incredibly helpful tips for interviews, the job, and post-grad life. I received three interviews from different departments thanks to Heidi and got an amazing job offer from it.

What is some helpful advice you learned from alumnus or the event?

Heidi advised me to send a follow-up email after phone interviews. A few hours after my first phone interview, I followed Heidi’s advice and emailed the hiring manager to say thank you for taking the time to speak with me; she immediately responded with an offer for an in-person interview. She also told me to reach out to any HC alumni and connections I may have for any job opportunities.

Why would you recommend networking and attending the event to other students?

I would recommend networking and attending events put on by the Center for Career Development because I would never have received the opportunity to interview at MGH and ultimately this job offer if I had not reached out to Heidi. I am so grateful to the Center for Career Development for giving me the resources to connect with alumni in my future career field.