Meet Alumna Victoria Aramini ’14, Planning Manager at TJX

Meet Alumna Victoria Aramini ’14, Planning Manager at TJX


1. What is your favorite thing about your job and/or TJX?

My favorite thing about working at TJX is how people oriented the company is – I get to work with so many different types of people in a given day. I love my work as a Planning Manager where I help my team affect the bottom line, working to save the company money through our team’s allocation strategies.


2. What are some company perks that you enjoy?

In the summer the company participates in “Summer Fridays” where we get out at 1:oo pm – this is definitely one of the best company perks in my opinion!


3. Tell me about a cool opportunity you’ve taken advantage of or experienced while at TJX.

Travel is a big part of the TJX experience for associates in planning and buying. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel with various teams to different parts of the US.


4. How would you describe TJX’s philosophy on job growth/talent management?

At TJX, development is very important and associates drive their own development. There are a wide range of opportunities for associates to take advantage of – both formal (in the classroom) and informal (on the job).


5. What advice would you like to give to current Holy Cross students about their job/internship search?

As companies evaluate you and your qualifications as you search and apply for internships, make sure you take the time to evaluate these companies and think about their culture, their development offerings, etc.