Meet Alumna Christina Doherty ’20, Audit & Assurance Staff @ Deloitte

Name: Christina Doherty

Class Year: 2020

Title: Audit & Assurance Staff

Organization Name: Deloitte


1. In one sentence, what does your job entail? 

I work on a Mutual Fund engagement team out of the Deloitte Boston office and spend my days preparing workpapers in excel for the funds currently under audit, checking in with other staff and seniors on my team with any questions I or they may have and reaching out to our client to request any further support we may need for the audit.


2. What planned and unplanned events connected you to your industry and your first employer after Holy Cross? How did you learn/decide it was a good fit for you? 

 Beginning Sophomore year I attended all the recruiting events the accounting firms held on campus. The more people you can meet, the better off you will be in making a decision for what firm best fits you!


3. What were you involved in when you were on campus? 

During my time at Holy Cross I was involved in both SPUD and Purple Key Society.


4. What was your major and how did it affect your career decisions?

 I double majored in Accounting and Psychology! I actually went into college thinking I wanted to study finance and quickly changed my mind after my first accounting class. I transferred to Holy Cross sophomore year after learning more about the reputation the accounting program holds and the recruiting efforts on campus from the Big 4.


5. What are one or two skills that you developed at Holy Cross that you use in your work?

There is a common misconception that accounting just involves numbers, but I think the biggest skill I developed at Holy Cross was how to communicate effectively – you wouldn’t believe how many emails you send daily!


6. What advice do you have for students on campus today?

Connect with as many alumni as possible. Speaking to as many alumni as I did at different recruiting events helped me make the decision with what firm I wanted to intern at and ultimately work full time for. I also think its important to note that just because you choose to be an accounting major doesn’t mean you need to get your CPA and work for a Big 4. Being an accounting major can open a ton of different doors for finance jobs as well!