8 Tip for Creating Your Resume

By Casey Rooney ’18

Writing a resume, especially for that position you really (REALLY!) want can be a very difficult task! The Center for Career Development is always willing to help, no matter what stage you are at in the writing process. Here are 8 tips to consider while you are staring at your computer screen drafting your resume.

Keep the resume to one page

A resume is defined as a one-page summary of your academic, employment, and co-curricular experiences. It is important to get all the necessary information onto your resume, but the length should not exceed one page.

Keep the formatting simple and consistent

A messy resume may cause distraction to the employer and hurt your chances of being considered for the position.

Reread you resume

Grammar or spelling mistakes could be a make or break!

Use strong action verbs

In your descriptions, be sure to use powerful verbs that describe what your previous activity/position entailed.

Highlight your leadership positions

Employers love to see what leadership experience you have so make sure you make it clear!

Have your contact information at the top of the page, and make sure it is current

Give the correct information so the employer can contact you!

Avoid using acronyms or Holy Cross specific jargon

If you are a member of SGA, be sure to describe it as employers may not know what you are referring to.

Get your resume approved by the Center for Career Development

Stop by the Career Center during drop-in hours to get your resume approved in order to apply for jobs and internships on Crusader Connections.

What are drop-in hours? Watch this video to find out.

Looking for an example of a resume? Log in to Crusader Connections and navigate to the Resources tab and search for “Resume Handout”. There you will find more tips, an example resume, and a list of action verbs.

April Career Advice: Salty Dog & Pong in the Interview Room

How to transform your Salty Dog outfit into your Interview outfit in MINUTES!

  • Don’t bother spraying your shirts with Febreeze… employers are intrigued by the smell of booze on clothes. It shows initiative that you were even able to wake up for the interview after such an eventful night.
  • Girls: Take a tissue & wipe off the bottom of your eyeliner. Leave on the rest and it will look freshly done!
  • Boys (especially those interested in Investment Banking): The whole full suit stereotype is SO outdated… show those Wall Street studs your best going out tee and khakis.

The Art of a 10-page Resume:

  • Make sure to choose a very elusive font, as employers like a sense of mystery to draw them in. Recommendations: Wingdings or Simplified Arabic (Make ‘em translate!)
  • Another option is to hand write your resume. There’s a reason you spent so much time in school practicing cursive.
  • Include every club you’ve participated in since Middle School. How are employers supposed to take you seriously if they aren’t aware of your membership in Scrapbook Club during 6th grade?
  • Quantity overrules quality.
  • No need to proofread!

Spruce up your Facebook & Twitter:

  • Upload your best Beer pong match to YouTube ASAP.  Employers want to see your competitive edge. Bonus: If you are a regular champion…tack it on your resume!
  • If you don’t have a Red Solo Cup in your profile picture, you’re doing it wrong. Fill it up, snap a picture & show us your best Saturday 2am face. An employer’s dream.
  • Employers want entry-level employees who take charge of the company on Day 1, so show off your authoritative skills by cursing frequently on your public Twitter profile. Maybe throw in a disrespectful statement here and there to seal the deal.

Nail your Interview!

  • Always interview in a pairs just like Brennan and Dale from Step Brothers
  • Don’t bring copies of your resume… it looks like your trying too hard.
  • Always arrive 5 minutes late to the interview. If you are too punctual, they will always expect you to be on time.
  • Have your mother, father or sibling write a follow up thank you note—they love to see your family background prior to hiring


P.S. If none of the above statements seemed out of place, please stop by Drop in hours ASAP (Every weekday from 1-4pm in Hogan 203) …We have some work to do!


Turkeys need Resumes too!

So it’s Thanksgiving Break: the time for food, family and football. (YES FINALLY!) During this needed break

Tom on the Job!

from the Hill, we venture to guess you might hurl mashed potatoes at the face of the first person to mention school or careers. Since no one wants leftovers seeping into their pores, we’ll set aside the career strategies and tips for a few days.

….However, we did want to share with you the little known fact that some TURKEYS HAVE RESUMES TOO!

So in the spirit of the holiday, take a look at Thomas Turkey’s resume and see how yours shapes up in comparison!


And don’t forget….

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The Inside Scoop: What Employers Want to See on a Resume

You have one page to prove yourself. Although that sentence may seem a little harsh, a resume does essentially mean fitting and appropriating all of your accomplishments into one 8×11” page. Understanding that you have limited space begs the question, “What do employers look for in a resume?”

Of course there are the basics: Education, Relevant Work Experience, Volunteerism etc. However new research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers suggests eight out of ten employers value and seek leadership skills on a candidate’s resumes. Thus, instead of over-involving yourself in campus activities to bolster your resume, hone in on your genuine interests and pursue a leadership position in one of those activities. The age-old notion of “quality over quantity” still applies!

NACE also highlighted NINE other qualities that employers sought in their applications. Check out the below picture to see all 10 desired attributes and think about how these qualities fit into your resume. Since resumes are ever-evolving documents, make changes that reflect these ideals.

While you definitely want to focus on developing desirable skills and experiences, don’t forget the basics rules either:

  • No typos: When there’s limited space, the details count! Always proofread your work AND have someone else check it as well.
  • Action Verbs: Under your experiences, choose action words to strengthen your descriptions. Make sure you use the right verb tense too!
  • Relevant Experiences: Although you may be really proud of your ability to make triple chocolate brownies from scratch, that fact should remain far outside the purview of your resume! (Well unless you want to be a baker…) Remember your goal is to snag an interview, so keep it relevant.
  • One readable page: For college students, your font size should be between 10 –12. And just in case you forgot… Resumes are ONE page documents!

For basic resume guidelines, check out HC Career Planning’s Resume worksheet!


If you have quick questions about your resume, come to Career Planning Drop-in hours every day from 1-4pm or log on to Crusader Connections for Virtual Drop-ins every Monday from 7-9pm!

….just because everyone needs a laugh on a Friday, check out the “150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders” here.

Happy Resume editing!

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7 Things to Get YOUR Job Search Started

Stressed out already about senior year? Don’t know where to start the job search process?

Stop stressing, and listen up! Having worked in the Career Planning Center the past two years, I have gotten the scoop on the recruiting process, and have put together a quick and easy list of essential “to-do’s” before you start applying. Follow these 7 simple steps, and get your job search started on the right foot!

7 things all seniors should do before applying for jobs:

  1. Go to the senior workshop. If you plan on job searching through Holy Cross you must attend one of these sessions, which cover interview skills, behavior, expectations and all of the policies and procedures for recruiting (also see #3). Plus, it’s a great way to meet the new Associate Director of Employer Relations, Maura Hume. Not only is she a Holy Cross grad but she runs the recruiting program. Tip for success: Become her friend and follow her advice.
  2. Update your resume. A fresh, eye-catching, and professional resume is key to landing any interview. It’s the first step in marketing yourself to employers, and giving them a snapshot of what you’ve done at Holy Cross and beyond. We may know how rigorous Holy Cross is, but the resume is key to showing employers the value of a liberal arts education. For examples take a look at this link. Tip for success: Bring your resume into the office during drop-in hours and have a counselor review it. Drop in hours are Monday-Friday 1-4pm.
  3. Check out the new Crusader Connections. Gmail isn’t the only change seniors need to be aware of—Crusader Connections has changed too. You should have received an e-mail about the change before you got back on campus, and it’s essential that you check it out prior to the night you are trying to apply for a job. You can access it through the Holy Cross login screen or on the Career Planning website. Become familiar with the site, how jobs are posted, and how to upload materials. Tip for success: Don’t forget to update your profile, and even try uploading your new crisp resume!
  4. Find or purchase an interview appropriate outfit. Not all professional outfits are the same and the right outfit is essential for your first interview. Not only will it make you feel professional and give you confidence but it sends the right message to employers. Knowing the type of industry you are interviewing with is also key, as not all companies expect a suit. However, when in doubt over-dress, don’t under-dress. Tips for success: Ladies, listen up! Watch out for flashy jewelry, too many rings, earrings, etc; go for close-toed shoes; and keep the nails groomed and professional; no black or neon polish.
  5. Identify career fields, employers, or areas of interest. Always keep your options open, but at this point you should start to get a sense of the type of companies you want to apply to and when they recruit. Generally, large companies start as early as the fall, while small companies and non-profits recruit as jobs become available. Knowing the type of company, industry or culture you are looking for can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by all of the job postings. Tip for success: Use online resources to research companies, positions, and industries. It’ll help you get a better sense of the job description, company culture, and expectations.
  6. Make an appointment with the Career Planning Center to talk about your game plan. Career Planning is a great resource to have. They have done this countless times and can walk you through the process, tell you about more options, and get you connected to employers and opportunities you didn’t know existed. Tip for success: Do this early, don’t wait until you’re stuck, or pulling your hair out!
  7. Relax! You have time and a multitude of resources at your disposal. Enjoy senior year, do well in your classes, and keep an open mind. Tip for success: Use all your available resources—family, friends, teachers, staff, the internet, and, of course, the Career Planning Center!