Landing a job or internship in Education

Spring semester is an important time for students who are interested in pursuing a career in education. Whether you are graduating in May and looking for full time employment or gearing up for your summer internship search the Center for Career Development is here to help. Below are a few important reminders specific to students interested in education.

To help you stand out when you pursue post-graduate teaching positions it is important that you demonstrate work experience with choldren. The summer is a great opportunity to work towards building the skills needed to work with kids of all ages. Consider applying to work as a camp counselor or at boarding school. You can also work as a nanny, tutor or coach.

If you haven’t done so already volunteering at local schools, after school or summer programs are other great ways to gain experience. So check out your local schools, youth centers or organizations that work with kids.  This is the perfect time to reach out to see what opportunities they offer.

Are you looking to teach in the public school setting but don’t have the experience or degrees? There are many programs that offer the opportunity to work towards a Master’s in Education while also gaining teaching experience. If this is of interest to you make sure to let us know when you meet with a counselor in our office.

Private schools also offer an opportunity to gain teaching experience without a Master’s level degree. Whether you eventually want to end up teaching in public schools or not, private schools offer great opportunities for recent graduates to gain work experience.

Our office offers online resources to help you learn more about the education field or help in your search for jobs and internships. Make sure to check out the following resources:

Crusader Connections-

Liberal Arts Career Network Internship Database- access this database using the “jump to” feature on your Crusader Connections home page

Spotlight on Careers-

Username: spotlightaccess  & Password: liberalarts2015

What to do with a Major In-


Don’t forget we are here to help with your search. Stop by Hogan 203 to schedule an appointment today!

(Written by Melisa Jaquez ’06 )