First Year’s Experience at the Summer Internship/ Research Expo

Stephan RossAfter attending the Summer Internship/ Research Expo, I was  blown away by how students spent their summer, from furthering their educational pursuits with research to helping build the community around them.

These students did everything. As I journeyed through the maze of information, I saw posters explaining Personal Information and Physiology, the Constraints on Bodily Synchronization Underlying Joke Telling, and even research on different marketing methods.

I stopped at Maria Rodriguez’s poster to see what exactly she did, and the most rewarding part of the whole process. As stated above, Rodriguez did work on Personal Information and Physiology. She told me that after months of research, it was amazing to conduct an actual experiment she made up with the help of a professor. I could see she was so happy with the outcome and her hard work had paid off.

Stopping at Raha Maalin’s poster, I could see she had the same enthusiasm for what she did. Raha worked at BBDO, an advertisement agency. She said she has learned so much about branding, the use of social media analysis, and what exactly is meant by account managing. Both of these individuals glowed when talking about their summer experience.

Being a first year student, I have seen a lot of amazing things at Holy Cross, but this exposition showed me what Holy Cross’ education leads its students to do.

(Written by Stephen Ross)